Where are you from? book
Where are you from?

By Alex Appella
Icho Cruz, Argentina: Transient Books, 2008. Open numbered edition.

6 x 8 x 1.5"; 16 pages. 8 full-color collages, 6 popups, various pull tabs. Pages sewn onto linen tapes. Flat back binding. Printed on an Epson Ink Jet Printer. Housed in box with exterior stickers like a traveler's trunk and a red-yellow-green lift ribbon attached to the box's interior bottom. On-going, numbered edition begun in September, 2008, in San Antonio de Arredondo, Province of Córdoba, Argentina.

Alex Appella: "As an Oregonian living in Argentina, not a day goes by that I am not asked, “Where are you from?”—in the grocery store, paying bills, getting gas. I am heartened that my accent has improved: most of the askers assume I am from Brazil. But it is an accent nonetheless, and the question is constant. It is a notable opportunity for self-reflection… [This book] explores my answers…."