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Guild of Bookworkers: “For Bonnie Thompson Norman books are a passion as well as a profession. She has been proprietor of The Windowpane Press, a letterpress printing and book arts studio, for over twenty years. She works full-time as a hand bookbinder in a commercial bindery. Evenings and weekends, she teaches classes in printing and bookmaking. Her studio has many things found in a traditional print shop and bindery, such as a variety of printing presses, hundreds of cases of type, a guillotine paper cutter, a Jacques board shear and, not the least, a wonderful library. Participants learn how to set type one letter at a time and hand feed pages into a press, or they learn the craft of binding a book by hand, or creating artist’s books. These opportunities and pleasures, not diminished or replaced by the convenience and miracle of the computer age, celebrate the venerable crafts of letterpress printing and bookmaking in a manner both accessible and relevant today.”
Other fine press & artists’ books by Bonnie Thompson Norman

A Primer for Democracy
By Bonnie Thompson Norman
2004. Limited Edition.

3 x 3 x 3" Notched cards with slogans about democracy from which one can construct a free form structure that is "a primer for democracy."



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