Purgatory Pie Press ~ New York
(Esther K. Smith & Dikko Faust)

Purgatory Pie Press: "Faust and Smith collaborate, bouncing things back and forth. Starting with production limits -- press size, paper size, number of colors and printings -- they talk about approaches, scribble something on paper. Faust hand sets the wood and metal type and proofs the words. Smith cuts the proofs and pushes elements around on paper cut to the size of the finished piece. Faust arranges that design on the press and proofs it. They tweak spacing, try colors and papers."
Artists' Books by Purgatory Pie Press  

We Spy USA
By Bob & Roberta Smith
New York: Purgatory Pie Press, 1998. Edition of 100.

2.25 x 2.12"; 56 pages. Linocuts and letterpress printing by Dikko Faust. One sheet accordion miniature. Folded to form wrapper. Housed in paper slip-on open ended band wrapper. Designed by Esther K. Smith.

Linoleum cuts of the 54 [ask PPP] United States as identified by Londoners, Bob and Roberta Smith. The shape of each US state is printed on a page and underneath the identification by the Smiths, which actually is a gross misidentification. For example, Alabama is identified as Wiltshire, California is Cambridgeshire.

Zany nonsense? Or inspired word play?


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