Katrin Kapp Braun ~ Germany / Alabama


By Katrin Kapp Braun
2005. Edition of 35.

3 x 3" miniature;15 folds producing 16 pages. Jack-in-a-box structure (accordion book bound into a box). Of the edition 1 - 15 bound in cotton-abaca paper made by the artist; 16-35 uses mulberry paper. Both copies use Turkish marbled paper from England. Letterpress printed.

Katrin Kapp Braun: "I found a short poem in a street magazine about being a woman. The words touched me and I wanted to give them another platform and incorporate them in my artwork. Thereby, the poem should be represented in a special way without overwhelming its content.

"The text was letterpress printed from metal types on cotton-abaca paper that I made by hand. For this poem, I wanted to create a paper that appears to be thin and somehow delicate, but in the same time is very strong. Due to the abaca fiber, it was possible to pull the sheets very thin without loosing strength of the paper. In order to exemplify the text in the feel of the material, it was important to me that the structure of the paper had a certain liveliness, roughness, and unevenness instead of smooth, fine surface.

"The poem was bound as an accordion structure in a miniature box. Similar to a jack-in-a-box, the words can pop out when the box is opened. Some women are like that, one has to lift a lid to discover what lies underneath, and thereby help the words to come out. The artwork connects the first to the last page, the bubbles flow from stanza to stanza. There is no interruption, the flow is continuous, like the rhythm of the poem. Earthly colors were chosen over bright ones, together with a strong red, since red is a very female color to me."

Deluxe (1-15) in hand made paper by the artist $95
Standard (16-35) in mulberry paper $70




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