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(Day Christensen)


Michan and the Oni Women:
A Retold Story with Etchings by Chris Young
Provo, Utah: Wormwood Press, 2004. Edition of 88.

11.5 x 14"; 22 pages. Designed, handset, and printed by the artist in 18 point Caslon Old Face on Kochi paper. Calligraphy on the title page hand brushed by Toshiko Yoshizaki. Stab binding with exposed thread. Bound in blue linen. Eight etchings by Chris Young.

In this re-telling of a Japanese folktale, a young boy, Michan, searching for a lost doll's head, is captured and enslaved by a clan of Oni-women. He escapes with a magical cooking-stick and with the aid of some inspired ingenuity — how else to describe his trouserless dance that convulses the pursuing Oni-women with laughter — returns safely to the home of his grandfather.

A hint of Jack and the Beanstalk, of Alice down the rabbit-hole, and perhaps of Cinderella caring for the hearth. But the somber tone of Young’s etchings reflects the disturbing surreal impact of the tale.

Stunning etchings, with printing and design to match.

"One morning while playing, Michan bumped a doll's head off his grandfather's workbench. It rolled outside and disappeared into a hole. Michan tried to reach it by stretching his arm down the opening, but the ground under Michan began to crumble away and he fell into the hole."

Standard version in handmade linen box. $875
Deluxe version in wooden box, with separate blue linen holder for extra set of prints. $1,450

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