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Webber: "Showing early interest in the arts, I had the good fortune to learn from many talents in the book arts field. [I also earned] a certificate degree from the Iowa Center for the Book."



Vocabulary of Book Form
By Joelle Leavitt Webber
Westport Island, Maine: Joelle Webber, 2017. Edition of 11.

Closed: 12.75” across x 10.5” tall x 2.75" deep; Opened: 28.75” across x 10.5” tall x 2.75" deep. Scrolls: Arches Text Wove with gouache hand-lettered prose on gouache handpainted paste paper, attached to puzzle pieces that must be assembled to read. Box: cloth-covered binders board; inset gouache hand-lettered title on gouache handpainted paste paper and pasted puzzle piece;, built in holes for individual closed scrolls; slot for assembled scroll puzzle pieces; found metal pegs; found hardwood scroll opening wand with attached puzzle piece; hand stitched design; pasted puzzle pieces; Midare metallic paper. Pamphlet: gouache hand-lettered on gouache handpainted paste paper, Katie MacGregor handmade paper cover with hand stitched design and pasted puzzle piece, sewn with metallic thread, inset under the box top. Signed, numbered, and dated by the artist / author. Instructions: computer printed on Arches Text Wove and pasted under the pamphlet book.

Joelle Webber: "This work describes the basic vocabulary defining an artist book, while visually challenging the idea of 'book' structure. A viewer actively pieces together the text, which is written in an order that a reader might generally become aware of these details in any artist book. This interaction and description allows a viewer to more fully appreciate the expressive choices a book artist makes while creating.

"Combining a written work with visual composition, for a viewer to closely handle, is a multifaceted puzzle. Every piece is designed to enhance the artist book's content. The protective box, labeled with the title, serves as an artful introduction. Piecing together the book aligns pagination. Paper and other materials are carefully chosen to carry a reader across the threshold of binding structure, to be enveloped in the folds of text."

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