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(Uta Schneider and Ulrike Stol t z)

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Schneider and Stolz have been collaborating for over 20 years. Uta Schneider is a visual artist with a focus on drawing, typography, installation, and text. Ulrike Stolz is artist with a focus on books, typography, text (poetry, anagrams), and sound.

Bookworks by Ulrike Stoltz
Bookworks by Uta Schneider
Unica T published works
One-of-a-kind books


By Ulrike Stoltz & Uta Schneider
Offenbach, Germany: usus, 2008. Series of 7 variants.

5 x 9"; 16 pages. Double-sided accordion structure. Cardboard printing. Text in German.

Ulrike Stoltz: "Printing this book collaboratively was like making improvised music. You have your instruments – here various forms cut out of cardboard. The press is the stage, and every sheet of paper is a 'take,' a new 'composition.' You act and react and interact – with one another, with the printing ink, the paper, the forms. ...

"The words reflect that constant process of going on, going on ... not so much by their contents, but rather by the way they are made up. I have tried to find an English equivalent (this is not a translation, it is just to show you what the principle is like), but in German the effect is much much stronger: where English leaves the two words apart (and as single words) the German language makes one new word out of the two. For example, like this: letter press / press announcement / announcement effect / effect of fire / fire fly / fly flap ... etc."

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Books by Ulrike Stoltz  
Avanti, Lady Mikado!
By Ulrike Stoltz
Offenbach am Main and Terrinca, Germany: usus, 2004. Edition of 10.

7 x 8"; 40 pages (12 pages with pictures, 28 pages with text). German and English text. Archival ink jet and laser printing. Coptic binding. Bound in unadorned cloth-covered boards.

This book was part of a larger project that involved book, print, video, and improvised musical performance.

Ulrike Stoltz: "Lady Mikado is an interdisciplinary project. [The] starting point was a text I wrote, that turned into an artists' book and is also the background of a portfolio of typographical prints. ... The text that formed the basis of the project is in German. It does not tell a story, but strings together fragments of phrases, parts of which are alienated and repeated and mixed with pictorial passages. The prints in the portfolio use only the text, but words and letters were cut into pieces and then rearranged thus creating new images.

"The book uses some of these typographical images, combining them with fragments of photographs which creates a tension between the abstract signs and a kind of representation of reality. The book has two parts: text and images are separated.

"The whole project is about answers and mirrorings, about transformation and translation: from one language to another, from language into typographic form, from both language and typography into video, from the moving image to music and sound, and to spoken language and text again."


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By Ulrike Stoltz
[Offenbach am Main,Germany]. usus, 2004. Edition of 15.

5 x 7.25"; 24 pages. Archival ink jet prints treated with linseed oil. Machine mould paper. Sewn binding. German text. Laid in cloth-covered clamshell box. Signed and numbered by the artist.

Ulrike Stoltz: "The water ghosts in fluosz (e.g. floating) were taken from photographs shot in the canals of Venice (Italy). After printing, the paper was treated with linseed oil to gain a watery impression."

fluosz is part of "the boatbook-project." This project was initiated as a result of Stoltz and Schneider receiving an artist-in-residency at Nexus Press, Atlanta, USA.

Schneider & Stoltz, 2001: "The book proposal we sent in has the working title The Boat-Book/Das boot-buch, and the idea is to show the parallels between books and boats, as both are containers as well as means of transport. ...

"Did you ever hear of bookbinding-ships? [We] have heard that in the 70s or 80s publishers were printing in the Far East, because it was cheaper. And as the return voyage was a long one, they equipped the freighters with book binding machines and tools and bound the books on the way home. Bookbinding machines of the time were not like the advanced system we have now, one has to imagine rather sort of separate stations for each book binding step."

The first book in the boatbook-project that was produced at Nexus was "The Boat Book." Today [2013] the project continues using the same idea – "The boat is a means of transportation, a container for goods. Books are containers for thoughts, transporting ideas from the authors to the readers."

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point beyond
By Ulrike Stoltz
[Offenbach am Main, Germany]: usus, 2001.Variant series of 7.

5.25 x 7.375" closed, 13.5 x 18" extended; 2 sheets. Slipped in individual pockets of a hand-stitched textured-paper folder. German text. Archival inkjet printing. Signed and numbered by the artist.

Ulrike Stoltz: "We went for a residency at Nexus Press, and as the subject matter for our work there was 'boatbook,' we went there by crossing the Atlantic Ocean on a container ship. With making the book 'boundless' at Nexus, the theme of 'books and boats (and water)' was not 'finished' for us. So we continued working in this field (and, for example, books like fluosz or wasserwärts came out as a result later on).

"The two books 'töne regnen' and 'point beyond' make use of some of the photographs taken on the sea voyage. I started experimenting with how to print these photographs, not as 'fine print' photographs, but to put the emphasis more on the material, the fragility (which had to do, of course, with the experience of the sea voyage itself). The texts were written parallel, in the same mood of making.

"Again: The texts don't 'explain' the pictures, and the pictures don't 'illustrate' the text. To understand the relation of text and picture the way we work with it, it is probably best to read the text by Etel Adnan in our catalogue book "trans—lation".
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töne regnen herab
By Ulrike Stoltz
[Offenbach am Main, Germany]: usus, 2001.Variant series of 6.

5.25 x 7.375" closed, 13.5 x 18" extended; 2 sheets. Slipped in individual pockets of a hand-stitched textured-paper folder. German text. Archival inkjet printing. Signed and numbered by the artist.

The genesis of töne regnen herab was a voyage aboard the containership Conmar Courage from Hamburg to Montreal in 2001. Photographs from that trip were translated into images for this books. One of the two nested sheets is a photograph-image from the journey. Each of the six books in the series has a different image from the trip.

The text on the second sheet alludes to moveable type and to the parallels of being transported in time and space by type and by boats.

This book is part of the ongoing USUS Boat Book Project.
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Books by Uta Schneider.
By Uta Schneider
Offenbach, Germany: 2010. Edition of 20.

6.5 x 8.75"; 53 pages. Double-sided accordion. Linocuts, archival ink jet, and laser print. Machine mould and transparent papers. Concertina with integrated booklet. German text. Bound in black textured boards. Signed by the artist.

USUS: "Uta had a residency at Ahrenshoop (at the Baltic Sea), and has often returned to that place since. On long walks, she took lots photographs, either looking down to the ground (where water and land mix and mingle) or looking up (to the horizon). The title might be translated as 'towards water.' The texts are reflections on the topic of water in various senses. They are set in a way that they refer to the reflexions of light on the water."

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magnetic words poetic images
By Uta Schneider and Thomas Dahmen
Frankfurt am Main, Germany: Unica T, 1998. Edition of 13 variants.

5.25 x 6.75"; 20 pages. Processes: linocut, woodcut, letterpress printing, laser print, silkscreen. Chinese binding. Paper covers with three magnetic words permanently attached to front cover. Text words in English. Colophon in German. Signed on the colophon by both artists.

usus: "Pieces of magnet words (unbroken, as they come in the package) were inspiration for a series of wood- and linocuts. Each book has its own visual sound: variations on magnetic words poetic images."

A collaboration between artist Thomas Dahmen and book artist Uta Schneider. The text fragments come from the game "Magnetic Poetry for Kids." The game provides words on magnets to rearrange into phrases and sentences.



Books published as Unica T, a fictitious person making real books. This was a cooperative of four women artists in Germany, two of which were Ulrike Stoltz and Uta Schneider. They created and published work under this imprint from 1986-2001.
Das 7. der Sibyllinischen Bucher

By Ulrike Stoltz
London, Offenbach, and Wien: Unica T, 2001. Edition of 16.

5 x 5.75 x .75"; 98 pages (3 unbound signatures; 86 plates). Text printed in German with an UP laser printer on Japan Kochi paper. Plates printed with Lysonic ink on Joss paper with an Epson inkjet printer. Laid in brown paper-covered clamshell box treated with asphalt varnish. Signed and numbered by the artist.

Ulrike Stoltz: "This book is part of a large project dealing with the Sibyls. The project consists of the Sibylline Books, installations with texts, and portraits of the 13 Sibyls. I started working on the project in 1994. According to history, I intend to make 9 Sibylline Books.

"The first 6 of my Sibylline Books are one-off's and consist of text collages of ancient and modern texts. They stand for those 6 books that the Sibyl burned herself, as the king of Rome was not willing to pay the price she demanded. The last 3 of my Sibylline Books contain texts by myself and are published in small editions. They stand for those of the original Sibylline Books that were kept in the temple on the Capitol hill in Rome and consulted as one of the main oracles."

This is the 7th in the Sibylline project. "Orakelblätter" translates to 'Oracle Leaves.'




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presto laminato
By Ulrike Stoltz
Frankfurt, Germany: Unica T, 2000. Edition of 3.

5 x 11"; 16 pages. Accordion structure. Laminate pages. Sewn binding with tie closure. Laid in chipboard box. Signed by the artist.

Throughout her artistic career Ulrike Stoltz has experimented with books using simple techniques such as stamps and other combinations of old and new technologies. In presto laminato she uses thread and laminating material to form images. The binding is formed from the holes of the laminator then sewn with a fish line thread. Title and colophon are printed with stamps.
$500 (Last Copy)


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By Ulrike Stoltz
Frankfurt, Germany: Unica T, 1999. Edition of 12.

4.25 x 16"; 16 pages. Double-sided accordion fold. Letterpress printing. Extends from two 41 cm (15.75") wooden rods. Signed, numbered and dated by the artist. Laid in chipboard box.

Druckfahne translates as galley proof, proof printed from type set in a galley. (There is subtle word play, at least in the English. In the days of handset type, copy was set into galleys, metal trays that held the type tight. Copies of the galley proofs were used for editing, after which the type was reset and printed in final form. Galleys are also ships powered by a group of rowers – think Spartacus chained to his oar. The naval allusion would make the flag-like form apt.)

Ulrike Stoltz has experimented with books, combining old and new technologies such as letterpress and inkjet printing. In Druckfahne she uses no text, only lines and spaces. She uses letterpress printing as the filler technique between the lines and spaces.



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Uta Schneider: "A group of one-of's that we did during our first stay in the US – traveling books that refer in many ways to topics specific for this country. They can be seen as 'note books' – responding spontaneously to our impressions while we were traveling. The situation made us use simple materials, simple techniques, simple forms of book binding."
snap & shake
By Ulrike Stolz
[n.p.]: Ulrike Stolz, [1997.]. One-of-a-Kind.

5.5 x 8.25"; 28 pages. Drawings, rubber stamps. News print. Text in English. Signed by the artist.

Ulrike Stolz: "… [M]ade while travelling across the country with Amtrak. The drawings refer to the information about what to do in a case of an emergency."


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By Uta Schneider
[n.p.]: Uta Schneider, [1997]. One-of-a-Kind.

6.25 x 9.5"; 14 pages. Drawings with staples and paper strips. Staple binding.

Uta Schneider: "The drawings in this book are made with thin strips of paper and the staples attaching them to the pages - simple material that was at hand."


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trans lated
By Ulrike Stoltz
Rochester, New York: Ulrike Stoltz, [1997]. One-of-a-kind.

5.25 x 8"; 20 pages. Rubber stamps, typewriter. Office paper. Bound in paper boards with sewn binding. Signed and dated by the artist.

Ulrike Stoltz: "This is technically also a 'simple' book, like the others. But it was made at Visual Studies Workshop Rochester (we gave a workshop there) and thus it refers more to the process of making books in general.

"The text is a 'translation' of a book with drawings that Uta made, into words (stamped letters), the second 'level' of the text comes by looking up the third word following each word in the dictionary (typewritten letters).

"The idea of 'translation' is fundamental to our artwork."



Two- day Highlights
By Uta Schneider
[n.p.]: Uta Schneider, [1997]. One-of-a-Kind.

5.75 x 8.75"; 18 pages. Collage, newspaper, typewriter, Amtrak fleece. Bound in pattered paper covers with two metal clips at spine. Laid in chip board box.

Uta Schneider made this artist book during her travels on Amtrak with material found in Amtrak wagons.

unterwegs: summer's not over
By Uta Schneider
[n.p.]: Uta Schneider, [1997]. One-of-a-kind.

8.5 x 3.5"; 26 pages. Double-sided accordion structure. Collage, typewriter. Printed text in German. Collages of brown paper and cutout newspaper ads in English. Bound in chip board covers with paper title labels on front and back.

unterwegs = underway, on the way

Uta Schneider: "The collages [of our book Unterwegs] evoke images of Death Valley."



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