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Collaborations with Cynthia Lollis as ETC Press
TwoD Press work, collaboration with her brother Tobias Deeg

Forgot to Return
By Daniela Deeg
Athens, Georgia: Sweet Pie Press, 1999. Edition of 5.

10.75 x 8 x 2"; 82 pages. Designed in Photoshop and QuarkXPress. Printed in water based screenprinting on Somerset Satin. Accordion structure. Black cloth cover binding and silver foil stamp by the Bookbinding Studio Weiss,Soellingen Germany.

Daniela Deeg: "Based loosely on the tales of the Homeric Odyssey and later reinterpretations, the book is a one hour travel log of a female heroine through the contemporary world. Whereas Homer's description of the story takes ten years and Joyce's version one day, the time element in Forgot to Return is further decreased to a single hour, trying to adjust the content of the story to our contemporary notion of time. The pixilated look of the images resembles pictures on television screens, another tribute to our modern perception of our surrounding. There are basically two layers of text: first excerpts from the original Homeric story, which are corresponding with the second layer of text circling around the question of fairness and honesty. Odysseus was one of the first "hero tricksters" in literature, living on the motto "I can be an honest man after this." The notion of success on one hand is charged with fairness, truth, honesty, and morality. On the other hand there is a tendency to honor only the winner of the game, no matter what it takes."

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Forms you should not miss seeing while visiting the United States /
Formen, die sie nicht versäumen sollten zu sehen, wenn sie die vereinigten staaten besuchen
By Daniela Deeg and Tobias Deeg
[Athens, Georgia]: Sweet Pie Press / formsprache, 1999. Edition of 6.

16 x 12.5 x 2" container with 24 prints (15 x 11") and a title sheet. German/English text designed on the computer using Photoshop and QuarkXpress. Letterpress photopolymer printed on Rives BFK grey. Wooden box container with slide out top, which has printed images and titles.

Daniela Deeg: "This book is a collaborative project with formsprache (Tobias Deeg) developed from Trans Americana 98. As a starting point we also used photographs of typical American forms and objects, but instead of being directly used in collages, those forms are now reduced first to their basic components, recognized as essential American. A variable number of such isolated primary forms are subsequently transformed into new, complete objects. Following the qualities of the primary forms, their perspective, depth and complexity is an attempt to transform their history and visual range into a new object. The results seem to be nonsense-forms, which through the classification into the scheme of "formen..." are filled with new content and at the same time lifted up to the status of attractions. The pretension of the title, to be almost a tourist guide to American basic forms, deliberately awakens the impression, that those forms can possibly be found in reality. This project was our homage to Max Ernst and his Dada Collages."

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Briefe aus Berlin Letters from Berlin
By Daniela Deeg
With text from Wittgenstein's Neffe [Nephew] by Thomas Bernhard
Athens, Georgia: Sweet Pie Press, 1998. Edition of 10.

10.25 x 7.25 x .25"; 8 pages. Designed on the computer using Photoshop and QuarkXpress. Letterpress, photopolymer printed (navy/silver, black/silver, or tan/black) on Ingres paper. Laid in Rives BFK wraps letterpressed and monoprinted. Text in German and English.

Daniela Deeg: "Briefe aus Berlin is about the inability to be content with one's present state. The idea of constant change and movement as a stimulation is an appealing and frightening thought at the same time. The design of the book centers around the use of graphic elements and images like fragments of memory picked up on the way. Confining the image area to a horizontal strip, running through the whole book and the covers, is meant in the sense of continuous narration. The text is broken up and interwoven with the images using the "DIN Engschrift," a typeface of industrial and rather impersonal character to further emphasize the notion of restlessness."

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