Elizabeth Sher~ Ohio

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Artist Statement: "In my Artist's Books I attempt to examine various facets of perception: what is seen, the interaction of sight and memory, the construction of narrative, and how this process ultimately informs our understanding of the world. The design and packaging of each book is specifically connected to its content. While each looks different, the finished work is always identifiable as something seen or remembered."


Forest of Fortunes
By Elizabeth Sher
Oakland, California: Elizabeth Sher, 2017. One-of-a-Kind.

Wooden box: 17 x 21 x 4" closed. 60 tubes (towers) with a scroll inside each laid in bottom of wooden box. Interior of lid with holes to hold tubes upright. Materials: rice paper, Moab entrada bright rag paper, acrylic ink, ash, glass, felt. Includes separate broadside key to the patterns and countries.

Elizabeth Sher: "This stand-alone artist’s book is also a maquette for a large temporary public art project which will I hope be realized someday. It was inspired by the bamboo forest in Kyoto, Japan, and the variety of kimono patterns worn there during cherry blossom season. 60 towers represent 6 continents with 12 fabrics from Japan, England, Iran, Africa, Indigenous Americans, and Central/South America. Inside each tower is a fortune in the language of the fabric’s country of origin, which viewers can see on the accompanying key."

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