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(Jane Downs and Marie Dern)


Jane Downs received her BA in English from Syracuse University and her MA from Mills College. She is an editor and writer of poetry, fiction, and nonfiction. Jane Downs retired from the University of California Press in 2008. She is co-editor of Cloud View Poets, An Anthology published in 2005. Her poems have received first place in contests sponsored by Artists Embassy and Tide Pool. Her work appears in literary journals including the Ninth Letter, Asheville Poetry Review, North American Review, and Field Magazine.


Broadside by Red Berry Editions
Collaboration with Terry Turrentine (The Brass Bed)

Adirondack Dream
By Jane M. Downs
Kensington / Fairfax, California: Red Berry Editions, 2012. Edition of 30.

8 x 7.5"; 28 pages. Letterpress printed in Palatino on Rives lightweight paper. Drawing by John Heisch. Bound by hand in Lama Li handmade paper from Nepal.

Jane Downs: "Memories mix with the dream of childhood summers in a series of prose poems. Eight of the poems appear in Psychological Perspectives, Volume 55, Issue 4, 2012."

Excerpt from text: "Our fathers at the lake edge, glasses of gin n their hands. Drone of a motorboat at the far shore. Our mothers' tan legs. Their whit shorts. Diamond rings catch the light In fits and starts. Their bard arms, freckle shoulders, wide-brimmed hats. We walk past houses with sloping shingled rooftops. Geraniums spill from pots. Little children nap in hammocks hung from enormous hooks in porch ceiling. We walk p the hill in search of blueberries, pails swinging from our hands. Blueberries that taste sweet and dark. Our mothers' long strides. One straightens her hat, one touches the arm of another. They are goddesses and we are their understudies. Tall grass tickles our legs and we laugh. Butterflies take flight. Their thin wings do not stir the air. We have yet to see in them a fragility that we will soon learn is also ours."

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Red Berry Editions Out of Print Title:  

The Weight of Pink Peonies
By Jane Downs
Kensington / Fairfax, California: Red Berry Editions, 2010.
Edition of 30.

8.5 x 5.5"; 24 pages. Letterpress printed in Adobe Caslon Pro on Johannot paper. Bound by hand in Lama Li handmade paper from Nepal.

A series of ten poems inspired by the Greek myth of Persephone and Demeter. Poems have appeared separately in Field Magazine, Quiddity, The Healing Muse, Folio, So to Speak, and RHINO.

     Cut grass smells sweeter than uncut. A new of newborn
     Rabbits under the lawn. I ache to touch one, know my
     Scent would banish the mother. How careful I must be….
     (from "The Weight of Pink Peonies")


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