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The Very First Book
By Marc Parchow, Conceição Candeias, and José Carlos Dias
Portugal: qualalbatroz, 2013. Edition of 35.

6.7 x 9.6"; 20 pages. Screen printing on Moinho recycled paper. Bound in paper-covers boards. Text in English, translated by Rosemary Blandy.

qualalbatroz: "The Very First Book is our first screenprinted book. It’s entirely screenprinted on traditional cotton paper and handbound by us. We were very careful to make the process as sustainable and clean as possible."

From his website: "In the warm summer of 76, Marc [Parchow] was born in the city of Paris (France), where he got infected by the artful virus of creativity. Later in Portugal he majored in Design and since then he survived by drawing. His weakness lies in cheese with nutella."

This modern story gathers creators from the world's mythologies. Ptah, god of craftsmen and architects from Egypt; Ipmil, used in Sámi Christian stories for God; Izanagi, a Japanese creation deity; Mbombo, the creator god for the Kuba of Central Africa; Akna, the goddess of fertility and childbirth in Inuit mythology; Rangi and Papa, from the creation myth of Maori mythology; Crow, from Tlingit Indians as the divine character that organizes the world and gives it civilization and culture – all play a role in creating the very first book.

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Video of the making The Very First Book http://vimeo.com/89650732

Em Voz Baixa | En Voz Baja
By Abel Murcia
Illustrations by Marian Nowinski
Portugal: qualalbatroz, 2009. Edition of 200.

5.9 x 10.6"; 22 pages. Double-sided accordion. Bilingual text: Spanish and Portuguese. Translated by José Carlos Dias and Manuela Teixeira Pinto. Text printed on Munken Pure paper with Aldine 401 characters by Bitstream. Cover paper Fabriano Gentile Grana Grossa. Silkscreens printed on Fabriano paper. Laid in trifold paper wrapper. Numbered.

Marc Parchow: "Poetry book by the Spanish Poet Abel Murcia. It includes 4 silkscreen prints by the Polish artist Marian Nowinski. All the prints were hand-painted with Portuguese Port wine and the book is made just using folds."

Abel Murcia is a poet, translator, and lecturer. Originally from Barcelona, he is director of the Cervantes Institute in Krakow.

I collect boxes, of brass, wood,
stone, lacquer from China, bamboo,
palm leaf, paper mache,
carolina, fabric, plastic.
I fill them with things. Theater tickets, cinema, metro, ...

Marian Nowinski is a painter, illustrator, graphic designer, and poster designer. He is Professor of the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw and Dean of the Faculty of New Media Art at the Polish-Japanese Institute of Information Technology in Warsaw.

The illustrations in this book can be slipped out leaving a printed impression. Each illustration is numbered and signed.
150€ ($205)

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Here's a link to the You Tube of the poetry being read

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