Sarah Pohlman ~ Pennsylvania

Everything and Everyone: In the End We All Are One

By Sarah Pohlman
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania: Sarah B. Pohlman / National Museum of Women in the Arts, 2007. Edition of 125.

9.25 x 7.25"; 42 pages. Double-sided accordion structure. Printed on an offset lithography press. Bound in paper covered boards with papers handmade by Mary Tasillo.

Sarah Pohlman: "This book was supported by the National Museum of Woman in the Arts. It depicts a life journey through a vibrant, textural landscape of universality and focuses on the connections among all living beings."

National Museum of Women in the Arts, May 28, 2007, Sarah Pohlman Wins Artist's Book Award: "Inspired by the vast California landscape during a travel scholarship, Pohlman captured snippets of the rugged, varied landscape in her sketchbook. Many of these sketches-laced with a fantastic cloak of whimsy and drama-evolved, reappearing in a series of prints, large-scale collages, and eventually a book, all focusing on the interconnectedness of all things, particularly human beings. What does it mean to be human? Pohlman had begun investigating this question on a purely biological level but eventually became more involved with the metamorphic journeys we travel through life. She created five collages based on universal commonalities everyone can relate to: physicality (biological presence of body, mind, and spirit); question of purpose (why are we here? what is our purpose?); struggle (continuing to move forward in life despite the difficulties); and love (feelings of deep connection or affection).

"The time in which Pohlman was creating these pieces and contemplating these ideas was one of tumultuous change and intense emotion. The book form enabled her to present these feelings and her collages in a cohesive manner with a narrative. The main character of the story is a vague figure that traverses the book on his or her own journey. Represented in metamorphic stages by a series of varying circles throughout the book's landscape, the figure is constantly changing, starting off as an embryo and taking shape as it moves through its journey. These surreal landscapes-fantastical figments of the human imagination-are universal in their bizarre improbability.

"Pohlman worked with Mary Tasillo to create the paper for the cover and spine of the book. Each cover sheet was screen-printed with green lines and hand-colored with watercolor. Harry Eaby at Piccari Press helped guide the binding, paper weight, ink quality, and page adhesives. Graphic designer Anne Marie Mullin scanned the images from her original book, inserting the text and designing the introduction, dedication, and colophon pages. The press team created digital matrixes and printed the book on an offset lithography press, adding fluorescent pigment to create bright and vivid images."


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