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Christopher Davenport: “I make artists’ books as collections of time in space; installations of experience shaped through image, paper, print, language, and structure to capture and preserve narratives of ecology, society, culture, and place.”

By Voices book project with Crane Giamo

By Christopher Davenport
Tuscaloosa, Alabama: Pocket Knife Press, 2015. Edition of 5.

18 volumes; each 5.25 x 5.25". Archival pigment printed images from 35mm and medium format negatives. Printed on recycled cotton paper. Hand-typed text. Laid in handmade linen/cotton paper portfolios. French paper bands. Each signed and numbered by the artist.

Christopher Davenport in Between records anthromes in 18 volumes of photographs and discreet poems. An anthrome is an anthropogenic biome, that is, a major biotic community, such as a grassland or desert, shaped by humans.

Anthromes recorded photographically by Davenport are areas found in Alabama, North Carolina, and Michigan. The volumes include these titles: Boulders; Mine, Alabama; Sipsey Wilderness; Piedmont; Days/Nights; Sand Mountain; Wheeler; Deep South; Cahaba, Alabama; Albemarle; Cataloochee Valley, North Carolina; Appalachia; Lake Superior; Great Sand Bay, Michigan.

Ten percent of all sales go the Nature Conservancy.
$75 per volume
$875 Set

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The Farmer
By Christopher Davenport
Tuscaloosa, Alabama: Pocket Knife Press, 2015. Edition of 5.

11 x 17"; 7 loose sheets. Photographs: archival pigment printed from 35mm black & white negatives onto Canson Printmaking paper using a digital offset method. Text archivally inkjet printed. Housed in a handmade paper folder and slip-sleeve. Handwritten title. Signed and numbered by the artist on the sleeve.

A portfolio of six photographs with seven poems. The photographs are of landmark treetops seen by Christopher Davenport when he was growing up in northeastern North Carolina and wandered the cypress swamps.

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Twelve Days
By Christopher Davenport
Tuscaloosa, Alabama: Pocket Knife Press, 2015. Edition of 25.

11.25 x 7.25"; 20 pages + pastedowns. Poem letterpress printed. Van Dyke photographs printed from film negatives on BFK Reeves at The Penland School of Crafts. Cloth-covered boards with paper spine. Adhesive bound in Alabama cotton duck.

Colophon pamphlet: 11.25 x 7.25"; 4 leaves. Handsewn binding with handmade paper covers.

Both items in wooden slipcase of Mississippi red oak.

Christopher Davenport: "Beginning in January 2014 I set out to document the time I spent in wilderness over the year as an act of ecological reconnection and to mark the 50th anniversary of the passing of the Wilderness Act.

"The poem, Twelve Days, is letterpress printed with ink made from materials I collected over the year at The University of Alabama. This is my MFA in the Book Arts Program Thesis at The University of Alabama."

Colophon: "Twelve Days is the record of my yearlong immersion in wilderness as a journey of ecological awakening; it is a work of place, memory, and identity…. Photographs from Alabama, Tennessee, Mississippi, North Carolina, Michigan, and Utah…. Handmade linen, flax, and raw cotton paper pulled at the The Lost Arch Mill."

Ten percent of all sales go the Nature Conservancy.

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Birds & Traps
By Christopher Davenport
Tuscaloosa, Alabama: Pocket Knife Press, 2014. Edition of 15.

5.5 x 6.75"; 12 pages. Accordion fold extending from foredge of back pastedown. Letterpress printed from linoleum cuts onto Arches Text Wove using inks made from crushed coal. Handbound in letterpress printed full cloth. Signed.

Christopher Davenport: "Perceptual moral challenge to expectation and ecological conditioning through a selection of extinct birds and the traps used to capture and kill them for collecting. A companion piece to Catalogue."


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By Christopher Davenport
Tuscaloosa, Alabama: Pocket Knife Press, 2014. Edition of 25.

5 x 6"; 36 pages. Letterpress printed on Arches text wove. Hand pigmented pages, India red pigmented ink. Handbound in Arches cover with Nideggen end sheets. In black wrappers with circular cut out on front cover. In full band slipcase with embossed title and press. Signed and numbered by the artist.

Christopher Davenport: "Letterpress printed handwritten listing of all known extinct birds as of April 2014, using ink made from collected, dried, and ground hatch eggs and fallen nests. Photogravure printed imagery from photographs of spring migration habitat in areas of marginal succession.

"Challenging acceptance and resignation as contemporary social norms through an ecological narrative of extinction."


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Paper Wasps
By Christopher Davenport
Tuscaloosa, Alabama: Pocket Knife Press, 2014. Edition of 15.

12 x 18"; 4 leaves. Handmade paper. Letterpress printed. Laid in wrapper of Arches Cover. Black band closure. Signed and numbered.

Christopher Davenport: "Barrier displacement and blind trust through handmade paper and printmaking.

"Handmade paper from unwashed bed linens collected door-to-door in the Black Belt of southwestern Alabama along with images of paper wasp nests from giver’s backyard sheds. Nest imagery and text letterpress printed with ink made from dried and ground nests."


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By Christopher Davenport
Tuscaloosa, Alabama: Pocket Knife Press, 2014. Edition of 25.

4 x 4..5"; 12 pages. Offset lithography onto Arches Text Wove and French Paper wrapper. Letterpress printed handmade slip sleeve paper from reclaimed linen.

Christopher Davenport: "Repetition and image/text variant as phenomenological events equal to moments unreasoned and discovered.

"Cover is contemporary media chatter: August, 2013, and photographs from the Keewanaw Peninsula: 47.2836° N, 88.3869° W.

"Based on concepts of wunder vs. belief.”


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Brother Baldessari
By Christopher Davenport
Tuscaloosa, Alabama: Pocket Knife Press, 2013. Edition of 15.

6.25 x 5" full band with embossed titles containing two items: Brother Baldessari and "One act play between myself." Letterpress embossed French Paper.

Brother Baldessari: 6.25 x 4.5"; 4 leaves. Hand-typed text on Arches Text Wove. Pamphlet stitch with stiff paper wraps. Signed and numbered by the artist.

"One act play between myself": 6.25 x 4.75". Canaletto Grana Grosso photo slipcover and archival pigment printed double-sided photograph. Signed and numbered on the slipcover.

Homage to John Baldessari and his 1971 statement: "I will not make any more boring art." Davenport writes "I will make no more boring books."
$95 ( Last two copies)

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James Orange
By Christopher Davenport
Tuscaloosa, Alabama: Pocket Knife Press, 2013. Edition of 15 variants.

8.5 x 4"; 10 leaves. Hand-typed text. Pamphlet stitch binding. Handbound in Arches Black cover. Numbered. (Last 2 copies).

Christopher Davenport: "Hand-typed written study of imparted paradigms, Aryan Nation numerology, and related Old Testament memory verses on Arches text wove and handmade paper of reclaimed bed linens collected door to door by artist in Selma, Alabama ... Each volume's text is unique."

$125 (Last two copies)

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Minimalist Program
By Christopher Davenport
Tuscaloosa, Alabama: Pocket Knife Press, 2013. Edition of 15.

5 x 5"; 24 pages. Pamphlet style binding, handsewn. Archival pigment and letterpress printed onto Canaletto Grana Grosso with offset printed French Paper cover.

Christopher Davenport: "Circular language, symbol, and imagery as diversionary media based on Noam Chomsky's 1993 paper, 'A minimalist program for linguistic theory.'

"Each book lists by name every child 17 & under killed by US-sponsored drone attacks in 2013."


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BY VOICES is a collaborative artist book project between Christopher Davenport and Crane Giamo. It is an experiment where building books becomes an instrument of social practice through hand-papermaking, bookbinding, printmaking, photography, and film.

Alabama Bloodlines: Volume I
By Christopher Davenport and Crane Giamo
Tuscaloosa, Alabama: Pocket Knife Press / Pocalypstic Editions,
2013 - 2014. Edition of 15.

9 items contained in a 17 x 9.5" sample cotton duck sack with the state of Alabama screen printed in red on one side and the project name "By Voices" printed on the other. Cotton tie closure. Information tag (HUBCO "Golden Magic Marker" tag) sewn into side seam. Items include CDs, books, scroll print, and glass vial.

Alabama Bloodlines is Volume 1 of By Voices, a collaborative artist book project by Christopher Davenport and Crane Giamo.

Pocalypstic Editions [the imprint of Crane Giamo: "By Voices is an experiment where building books becomes an instrument of social practice through papermaking, bookbinding, printmaking, photography, and film."

Pocket Knife Press: "Alabama Bloodlines is an artist book project aimed at documenting the human ecology of Alabama through photography, printmaking, papermaking, bookbinding, and film."

The nine works below constitute the project:

Coal Sample: 1 x .5"circular glass vial with screw top contains coal ash from the Birmingham Coal Port. 2.75 x 1.5" hand-typed tag label attached to vial with cotton thread.

Bloodline Stills: 6 x 9”; 100 pages. Digitally printed. Perfect bound in glossy color wrappers.
Pocalypstic: Bloodline Stills is a re-presentation / supplement / variant in codex form of the project Film: Bloodlines. One screenshot from each scene in the film was captured and compiled into a perfect-bound book.”

God We Your Own: 6 x 6”; 16 pages. Letterpress printed. Pamphlet stitched. In printed slip sleeve.
Pocalypstic: "The images appearing in God We Your Own originate from a series of photographs of cardboard protest signs that a man adorned in shackles had tied to a wrought iron fence near the Jefferson County Courthouse in Birmingham, Alabama.
"The photographs were transformed into photopolymer plates and printed on a Vandercook 3 letterpress. Oil and acrylic paints applied by hand across the plates produce the color fields."

Film Alabama Bloodlines: 5.25 x 7.25” case with DVD
Pocalypstic: "From the hill country north of Birmingham to the short grass prairies and hickory forests of the Black Belt counties, this 7 minute digital film frames the topography and social geography of Alabama.
"The DVD comes in a case with walnut ink-stained paper inserts on the front cover; cut ups from the Rail Yard print series comprise the back cover. The stains and prints vary from case to case."

Buckshot: 8.5 x 10”; 9 leaves. Handmade paper. Laid in four flap paper wrapper.
Pocalypstic: "Buckshot gathers together a stack of handmade cotton paper that has been damaged with shotgun blasts of birdshot and buckshot in the forests of Hale County, Alabama. Materials scavenged in the woods—flowers, branches, fruit—were placed in front of the paper and shot to stain the pages with color.
"The pile of punctured paper comes housed in a paper box. The title on the box is letterpress printed with wood type; the colophon and photograph on the backside of the box are digitally printed with archival inks."

Gene's Barber Shop: 5.25 x 5.25”slipcase containing a CD. On the CD are photographs of Gene Lloyd’s Barber Shop in Greensboro, Alabama, and an audio recording of a gospel hymn sung by some quilters at Gee’s Bend. The slipcase is handbound, handpainted, and hand typed. Gene, 82 [in 2013-14], is the last person to cut Martin Luther King, Jr's hair, three days before his assassination in Memphis.

Gee's Bend Spiritual: Audio recording of Mary Lee Bendoff singing a spiritual. (see Gene’s Barber CD)

Ash Type: 9.25 x 8.25"; 16 pages. Digitally printed with archival inks. Handbound with sewn binding. Handmade paper endsheets from raw cotton, flax, abaca, and cattail.
Pocalypstic: "A collection of photographs of the James H. Miller, Jr. Steam Plant in Quinton, Alabama. Operated by the Southern Company, this coal-fired power station ranks 15th for coal waste on the list of the most polluting power plants in America and 2nd in the nation for the largest output of carbon dioxide emissions."

Rail Yard: 18 x 9.25" print. Rolled. Inserted in mailing tube.
Pocalypstic: "Rail Yard is a collection of one-off prints created at the Norris Rail Yard in Birmingham, Alabama. Junk objects were gathered off the train tracks, inked with acrylic paint, graphite, and charcoal, and then burnished by hand to reveal the impressions. 1 print comes housed in a mailing tube which features the title of the series scorched into the cardboard with a woodburning pen.”

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By Voices, Volume 2
by Christopher Davenport and Crane Giamo
Tuscaloosa, Alabama: Pocket Knife Press, 2014. Edition of 15.

9.5 " x 9.75", 13 pages. Text typed onto paper made by Davenport and Giamo. Photographs on French paper. Handbound with handmade pine pulp, flax, and raw cotton paper by artists. French Paper end sheets. Book band, title handwritten with hand pigmented ink by Christopher Davenport, numbered in pencil. Page space, image sequence, and text varies from book to book.

Pocket Knife Press: "A questioning of surveillance and mechanisms of looking beyond expressed experience through offset printed photographs and original hand-typed text. Photographs from infrared cameras placed by Christopher Davenport on a family property in northeastern North Carolina. Original text hand typed on a ledger machine by Crane Giamo."

Christopher Davenport: "Monologue is a phenomenological experiment and challenges/questions narrative with image and language. The paper is made in part from pine pulp and cotton harvested near where the photos were taken. . . . The text is the deer's monologue about the ball of light in the photographs and our surveillance of these recorded events beyond the human experience; we become voyeurs during our removal. The question is whether the light [is] a product of our surveillance (the camera), or a natural event. The structure is ephemeral and heightens the fragile nature of the balance between our understanding of natural phenomena, our prior experiences, and unexpressed experience. We have chosen to format the book in non-repeating way, each is unique."


Out of print and SOLD titles by Christopher Davenpor:

cup-ful [Paper]
By Christopher Davenport
Tuscaloosa, Alabama: Pocket Knife Press, 2014.

7 x 18"; 14 leaves. Letterpress printed information sheet designating water sites. Stab bound with cord/ threads/ fiber found at locations. Black handmade paper covers with embossed title on front cover.

Christopher Davenport: "Handmade reclaimed cotton/linen paper made with water collected from sensitive and declining areas of the Black Warrior River in Alabama."

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cup-ful [photographs]
By Christopher Davenport
Tuscaloosa, Alabama: Pocket Knife Press, 2014.

6 x 6"; 9 leaves. Arches text wove and French Paper. Archival pigment printed photographs. Stab bound with cord/threads/fiber found at locations.

Christopher Davenport: "… photographs of ecologically sensitive and declining areas adjacent to the Black Warrior River in Alabama.

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