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Artist Statement: "Since 1983 I’ve worked in the field of book art. ... Book after book I definitely felt allied to literature and art. I got the intent of changing a book from its original form into a different form thereby altering its meaning.

"The relationship between visual and language art increasingly acquainted me with word-plays and linguistic science and terms. This way a book becomes sculpture and idea — a word gets new sense and directions. There are no pages to be turned but words to be newly thought about. … you come to your own book this way.

"You think what you see — close your eyes and think about it. It could become a new book, your book, because everything in the world happens to end as a book (Stéphane Mallarmé), your book.”


Modo Morandi
Text by Franz Mon
Etchings by Dietmar Pfister
Morat, Germany: Dietmar Pfister, 2013. Edition of 21.

38 x 42 x 2"; 25 pages. Seven chine collé etchings (11.25 x 8") on Alt Berlin Bütten paper (14.25 x 12") printed by Joshi Josephski. Interleaved with Zander Transparent sheets, which contain letterpress text printed at the Germanisches Nationalmuseum Nürnberg. Laid in case with magnetic closures, embossed titling. Each etching signed and numbered by the artist. Portfolio signed and numbered by poet and artist.

Dietmar Pfister: "Modo Morandi: a portfolio of seven etchings by Dietmar Pfister and seven poems by Franz Mon, senior master of Concrete poetry, combining literature and art through the alliance of both artists.

"This artistic project forms a very special relationship between visual and language art. The images of books include concrete poetry, so the literal and pictorial, the spatial and typographical characteristics form one unity. The etchings / images reference the art of Giorgio Morandi (1890-1964) supplemented by book objects taken from the artist’s library. The lyrics were written in response and were placed into the picture areas as a truly singular creative collaboration between artist and poet."

Franz Mon: "The poetic sequences were formulated and chosen in view of the forms and impressions of the object-groups and scrupulously filled into the places of the books and pots …

"Stimulated by
Modo Morandi, Pfister has chosen his picture-objects and composed still lifes.

"Not before transforming the facile and haptic perception into the void and silence of the black-grey dimension, he achieves the contemplation and clairvoyance you find in the pictures of Giorgio Moranid."

Wikipedia (accessed 07.24.2015): "Giorgio Morandi (July 20, 1890 – June 18, 1964) was an Italian painter and printmaker who specialized in still life. His paintings are noted for their tonal subtlety in depicting apparently simple subjects, which were limited mainly to vases, bottles, bowls, flowers and landscapes."

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