Lynne E. Olson ~ Washington


Give & Take
By Lynne E. Olson
Redmond, Washington: Lynne Olson, 2011. Edition of 100.

4 x 4 x 2" box with möbius strip laid in. Letterpress printed in Craw Clarendon and Centaur at Windowpane Press.. Acid free papers. Signed and numbered by the artist. Commercial craft box container with title printed on lid with words "GIVE" and "TAKE" printed on opposing sides.

Lynne Olson: "The box is about the repeating nature of give and take. The möbius strip within, an infinite structure, is printed with the words 'Parents Give Children Take' representing the endless cycle that gets repeated with each generation. This is a tribute to my sons who now have children of their own.

"The project was done in the spring/summer of 2011. Although I have made several books, this is my first letterpress project. "

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