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Blue City
By Kim Nelson
Bloomington, Indiana: Kim Nelson, 2009. Edition of 30.

9.25 x 9.875"; 96 pages. Letterpress printed with off press work and photo tip-ins. Written, illustrated, printed, and bound at The University of Iowa Center for the Book on a Vandercook SP20 and a Vandercook SP Universal on undampened Hahnemuhle Biblio using approximately 6000 words of photopolymer Baskerville, five linoleum cuts, forty pressure prints, and six tipped in photos taken by the author. Cloth- and paper-covered boards.

The haunting blue prints set the tone for this tale of crisis. What can happen when a mysterious disease strikes? Survival replaces civility as the criterion for social interaction - and friendship becomes more than a quaint thought.

Kim Nelson: "Blue City is loosely based on the year I spent in Ireland as a graduate student at The National University of Ireland, Galway. The title is derived from the fact that though Ireland is the Emerald Isle, Galway was once known as the Blue City because of the color of the stone used to construct many of its early buildings.

"The central image of the scarecrows was inspired by Dan O'Neill's painting Scarecrows at Newtonards, while the marginalia are derived from multiple sources, including the classic song, Galway Bay, Synge's Playboy of the Western World, and a variety of survival and hiking handbooks. The words printed in 'Label Lingo' are the titles of contemporary young adult post-apocalyptic science fiction novels that the author read as part of her research."


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