Nora Lee McGillivray
~ Minnesota


To Be Read in the Light
By Nora Lee McGillivray
2006. Edition of 26.

10 x 13.125"; 27 single sheets. Post and nut bound between covers of handmade Cave Degener Black over boards and lined with Cave Galaxy with mica. Images Gocco screenprinted to Masa. Original text, title page, and colophon inkjet printed to Arches 88. Font is Papyrus. Title is printed to Canford silver. Fly leaves are Crater paper from the Phillipines.

Pairs of images are screenprinted to single sheets of semi-transparent paper: one image to the recto an done to the verso. The ephemeral moment of enlightment will come to the reader as she lifts and turns the page. A new image is created as surrounding light shines through the paper, blending the two images into one. Brief, self-contained stories, printed to opaque pages on either side of the image page, are clearly revealed at the moment of the turning.

Nora McGillivray: "This book is an interactive artist's book, in which pairs of printed images and 13 very brief verses of words use light as material and metaphor to illustrate luminous moments of discovery. This book is my attempt to give form to those exhilarating "ah-ha" moments of insight and revelation, when the elusive becomes clear. ...

"I am inspired by the physicist's understanding that light is the primal element that makes everything possible; the philosopher's view that light is life, knowledge and reality; the mystic's belief that light is the divine."

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The Artist's Own Celestial Charts to Guide the Reader in Search of the Elusive & Changing Center

By Nora Lee McGillivray
Minneapolis: 2004. Edition of 20.

8.3125 x 8.3125"; 18 pages. Blue book in black box. Images drawn to transparency by the artist, etched into polymer plates by the Sun, and finally intaglio printed on BFK Rives de Lin Moulin du Gue paper. Center page of Canford gold; other colors handpainted with watercolor. Sewn onto tapes with kettle stitch and covered with Cave Indigo paper. A golden orb shines from the center of the front cover. Ephemeral fly leaves Mitzutamazen lace. Text written by the artist and printed in Papyrus.

Nora Lee McGillivray: "To ponder and celebrate the Center of Universe and Self, these images, [were] inspired by the artistry and science of ancient celestial maps."

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