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Hanne Matthiesen: "My main interests lie in the areas of image collage, conceptual art and artists books. In my art I go for traditional and simple solutions and expressions. Simple and plain techniques, recycled materials, paper and textiles, and for subjects reflecting existential and/ or ethical matters."
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Hanne Matthiesen Out of Print Title:  

Journey of LIFE, vol 1
By Hanne Matthiesen
Malling, Denmark: Hanne Matthiesen, 2012. One-of-a-Kind.

7.5 x 11.75 x 3"; 30 pages. Accordion from back pastedown attached to suitcase interior. Mixed media including drawing and collage. Materials: cardboard suitcase, cardboard pages, paper scraps, paint, string. Bound into cardboard suitcase.

Hanne Matthiesen: "To me the suitcase has become a symbol or metaphor for my life. I like to think that life is a sort of travel. And so I see the suitcase as not only a container for mundane stuff like toothbrushes and clean socks, it also represents the mental luggage you carry along. In that perspective an ordinary suitcase represents something very complex in a simple, flexible and independent manner. The message is: it's easy to move on. Just pack your bag, close the lid, grab the handle and hit the road!

"Over the last years I have made more artists' books based on suitcases, but always with various ways of constructing the way the pages are organized, and of course the content of the suitcase. One major common denominator though is the incorporation of recycled material."

This suitcase book is the first in a series called "Journey of LIFE" which revolve around "Dreams and nightmares as experienced along the route."

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Key Novel
By Hanne Matthiesen
Malling, Denmark: Hanne Matthiesen, 2012. Edition of 12.

5.75 x 4.75"; 6 leaves including covers. Materials: paint, thread, cloth, recycled cardboard, metal keys, and metal key holes. Japanese stab binding. Signed and dated by artist.

Keys attached by sewing to painted cardboard pages give a symbolic and minimal view of the human life..

Hanne Matthiesen: "A kind of short story describing a life cycle: we enter life (key hole = entrance), grow up, find our partner, make a family, grow old, pass away (key hole = exit)."
$200 (SOLD)

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Lille Stofbog / Little Book of Textiles
By Hanne Matthiesen
Malling, Denmark: Hanne Matthiesen, 2002. Edition of 12.

3 x 4.5"; 9 leaves. Recycled cereal box, pieces of cloth used or worn by the artist, and paint. Pages are light cardboard from cereal boxes, cut to size and painted. Pages glued with carpenter's glue, then spine covered in cloth. Text in Danish.

Hanne Matthiesen: "A female 'biography' told through various pieces of fabric representing the basic rhythms and routines of daily life…."

Karkluden = dishcloth
viskestykket = tea towel
forklædet = apron
lagnet = sheet
bleen = diaper
fødselsdagsdugen = birthday tablecloth
sommerkjolen = summer dress
malerskjorten = painter's shirt


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