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This I Swear
By Jackie McGill
Chicago, Illinois: Jackie McGill, 2011. Edition of 200

5 x 6"; 16 pages. Offset printed on Mohawk superfine paper. Text in Trajan Pro and Bickham Script Pro for the two alternating voices. Handsewn binding with three-hole pamphlet stitch. Bound in drafting film with title printed on front cover.

Jackie McGill: "The book, This I Swear, illustrates the hilariously raucous relationship between my grandparents who have been uniquely devoted to each other for the past fifty-six years. Printed offset with a hand-bound pamphlet stitch, it juxtaposes beautiful photographs as newlyweds against their boisterous and oddly flirtatious repartees. One might say reading the dialogue in these typefaces is a cause for disappointment."

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Jackie McGill Out of Print Title:  
Black Friday
By Jackie McGill
Chicago, Illinois: Jackie McGill, 2010. Edition of 6.

5 x 7.5"; 20 pages. Letterpress printed on drafting film and black paper, newspaper ads. Printed at the Center for Book & Paper arts at Columbia College in Chicago. Saddle-stitch binding with drafting film wraps printed with silhouette images of shoppers.

Jackie McGill: "In the artists' book, Black Friday, viewers read as they are prompted to use camera-enabled mobile devices to scan barcodes that take them to YouTube videos. The book, letterpressed in white ink on black paper, contains Black Friday ads from the newspaper as the endpapers and then explains the yearly shopping event of Black Friday. The barcodes are linked to videos from news stations around the country covering events of Black Friday, such as shoppers camping out on Thanksgiving Day to be first in line, and the death of a Wal-Mart employee caused by the stampede of shoppers. This artist book shows the bizarre customs that have evolved in the dog-eat-dog world of consumerism."

Text excerpt: "Black Friday is the day after Thanksgiving in the United States, marking the official start of the holiday shopping season. It is not officially a holiday; however, it has been consistently ranked as one of the busiest shopping days of the year."

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