Sal Taylor Kydd ~Maine

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Artist Statement: "My work draws strongly on the landscape, focusing on my home, family, and myself in conversation with the natural world. It examines our relationship to nature and how our sense of place is embedded with personal history. "Through my process I focus on the photographic object, the platinum-palladium print, or the artist book, as a keepsake of experience. It provides me in a very tangible and tactile way of recording the discoveries and memories I am trying to preserve. I photograph as a way to capture my impressions and my poetry provides me with a way to distill and examine that experience. "Working with alternative processes, to make platinum-palladium as well as cyanotype prints is a process that gives opportunity for discovery and serendipity. In each of the steps, there is a tangible connection with nature and the natural elements that is brought into the work, that mirrors the content of the work."

The Call
By Sal Taylor Kydd
Rockport, Maine: Stagenhoe Press, 2018. Edition of 15.

8 x 8"; 8 pages. Duotone prints. Text set in teal and gold. Types are Baskerville Old Face and Century Schoolbook. Printed on the Vandercook Universal letterpress at Maine Media College in Rockport, Maine. Drum-leaf binding. Hand-bound and printed by the artist Signed and numbered on the colophon.

Of the edition 1 – 10 (deluxe) presented in a hand-made clamshell box by Richard Smith with original cyanotype print on vellum; 11-15 (standard) in slipcase (with no print).

Sal Taylor Kydd: "This handmade artist book … tells the story, through a single poem, of a missed connection and how we can still feel unknown by those considered close to us. The poem by Taylor Kydd is broken up throughout the book and the stilted structure of the verse speaks to the awkward nature of the phone call it describes. This simplicity and spareness in the book’s presentation likewise matches the unyielding tone of the poem. It concludes with a photograph of the artist as a young girl, printed on vellum, that conceals the last line of the poem, leaving it for the reader to discover."

$550 slipcased (standard)
$850 in clamshell box with print (deluxe)

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