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By Ellie Schiedermayer
Iowa City, Iowa: Jill Kambs, 2011. Edition of 15.

4.5 x 7.75"; 23 unnumbered pages. Handset Bembo types. Hand-processed polymer plates from photographs. Sekishu, Kitakata, and Lama Li Lokta papers. Japanese stab binding. Text from Schiedermayer's collection Meanwhile in the Skull Garden.

Jill Kambs: "Digging up roots, graves, and skulls, Underground unearths a world that is as much psychological as it is physical. In this archetypal fall story, characters must grapple with the deteriorating state of their interior selves and exterior environment. Through Schiedermayer's poetry and Kambs' imagery and book design, Underground highlights the ephemeral nature of these beings as they move between realms of the living and the dead."

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By Jill Kambs
Iowa City, Iowa: Jill Kambs, 2010. Open Edition.

3.25 x 3.25"; 12 pages. Accordion fold. Handcut pigment inkjet photo prints of digitally scanned leaves. Decorative sewing. Hand-processed polymer plate embossed cover. Laid in paper fold case with slip and slot closure.

Jill Kambs: "Cord chronicles the life span of an autumn leaf as winter slowly drains it of vibrant pigment. The cord attempts to connect and repair, but in the transience of life, sometimes things break and fray beyond mending."

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