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Ilene Books: “Ilene Books and Studio specializes in letterpress printing and hand bookbinding with a vintage aesthetic. Creative work focuses on fine press and artist books, letterpress prints, and find bindings.”
Miniature books by Thomasina Taylor  
Bits and Pieces
By Thomasina Taylor
Tuscaloosa, Alabama: Ilene Books, 2012. Edition of 30.

4 x 6"; 20 pages. Letterpress printed with photopolymer plates in P22 Dearest Swash and Bembo fonts on Hammermill cover weight paper. Hand-colored images with watercolors. Drum-leaf binding with paste paper covers. Numbered.

Thomasina Taylor: "This project is an exploration of how traditions, interests, and personalities are transmitted through generations. This exploration is presented through illustrations representing five generations of women in my family. Imagery of genealogy charts is used as a framework on each page."

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Preservation Conversations
Selections from Interviews with Book Conservators

Compiled and edited by Thomasina Taylor
Tuscaloosa, Alabama: Ilene Books, 2012. Edition of 145.

5.25 x 8.25; 100 pages. Typeset in Scala and Scala Sans. Commercially printed on Crane's Crest paper. Edition of 145: 10 deluxe; 40 standard; 95 unbound sheets.

Standard: Numbered 11-50. Quarter cloth rounded case binding. Editioned pastepaper covers. Letterpress printed endsheets.

Deluxe: Numbered 1-10. Quarter leather tight joint case binding in clamshell box. Editioned pastepaper covers. Letterpress printed endsheets and pastedowns.

Thomasina Taylor: "As my final year in the MFA in the Book Arts program at the University of Alabama approached and I prepared to undertake a thesis project, I was given some excellent advice from my committee chair, Anna Embree. She suggested that my project should assist me as I faced my future beyond graduation. I knew I had this interest in conservation, but I had lacked the knowledge of how to proceed. I knew the best way to gain that knowledge was to ask others.

"Within these pages are excerpts from conversations with book conservators who have upwards of 20-65 years of experience in the field. They have expressed their thoughts on a number of different topics, including training, changes to the profession, and the nature of repair, and advocacy. Some of the questions that facilitated these responses include: What is the most difficult part of book conservation? What do you anticipate to be a critical issue in book conservation in the coming years? What has been the biggest change in conservation during your career?

"These interviews were conducted over the phone in the fall of 2013, transcribed and edited during the winter, and printed in the spring of 2014. The excerpts are sorted into major topical themes. Some grammatical changes were made to increase understanding and readability, but the individual voices of the participants have been preserved. I hope you find the information as enlightening and enjoyable as I have."

Participants include: Pamela Barrios, Betsy Palmer Eldridge, Don Etherington, Ann Frellsen, Gary Frost, Christopher McAfee, Chela Metzger, William Minter, Jeffrey Peachey, James Reid-Cunningham, and Lawrence Yerks.

Includes Appendix I: Biographies of the participants and Appendix II: Bibliography of Additional Resources.
$350 deluxe
$225 standard

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The Mansion
By Henry van Dyke
Tuscaloosa, Alabama: Ilene Books, 2012. Edition of 50.

4.5 x 6.25"; 56 pages. Letterpress printed in Perpetua and Copperplate Light Gothic with photopolymer plates on Biblio paper. Bound in flatback binding of three-quarter Japanese bookcloth and Bugra paper. Numbered.

Thomasina Taylor: "In a tale similar to A Christmas Carol, the wealthy John Weightman is generous to others, but for the wrong reasons. He is seeking the praises of men rather than doing the acts in secret. In a vivid vision, John is taken to the Kingdom of Heaven, where he sees many others who lacked in worldly wealth receiving grand mansions. When he is taken to his own heavenly reward, he is disappointed in the lean-to shack. He learns that because he received the praises of men for his good works, there was nothing left with which to build his mansion. In a true story of redemption, Weightman changes his ways and learns the true meaning of charity."

Henry Van Dyke (1852 - 1933) was a writer and a clergyman. He taught English literature at Princeton University between 1899 and 1923.

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