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Stanley Morison's Egg-Sandwich Exegesis
A Lost Morison Fragment with a Preface by Alejandra Broma
By Paul Razzell
2005. Edition of 100.

5 x 8"; 9 pages sewn into a printed paper wrap. Set digitally in Fell types, which Morison spent forty years researching and writing about. Printed letterpress on Mohawk paper and bound in soft covers. Original illustration "Type-high Gauge and Sandwich" by Brent Dutton. Preface by Alejandra Broma.

Literary hoax, homage, and parody.

Paul Razzell: "This book is a parody of the 20-century's greatest typographic historian. As you can guess from this description, the book was published for a very select audience. In a fit of optimism, we printed 100 copies. For anyone who enjoys a good literary hoax and a bit of fun at a great writer's expense, this book is sure to delight.”

From the Preface by Broma: "It is my hope that this fragment will interest typophiles, historians of the printed word as well as those with an interest in Belgian sandwich-making in the 1950s, about which subject there is still a great deal to explore.”

Note: this is not an authentic Morison fragment. Some characters and places are real, some are not (e.g., broma is Spanish for hoax.




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