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V&A Steamworks (Nom De Plume of Guy Himber when building LEGO creations): "The books are the world's only fully functional books constructed completely out of LEGO.

"They have fully realized covers, spine, and pages that open flat and maintain the curvature of a real book. Each one is created out of 200+ LEGO parts. Each edition will use over 20,000 individual pieces. The dimensions of the books are approximately 3 1/4" wide x 3 3/4" tall x 2" thick. Only 4 points on the book are cemented ( for permanence ) but being LEGO, the balance of the book is held together via the power of the bricks.

"The content of the book is printed on vinyl pages. The permanent process is both waterproof and sunproof. Each book features 8 pages."


Clock Work Fish
By Guy Himber
Tarzana, California: V & A Steamworks, 2009. Edition of 100.

3.25 x 3.75 x 2.75"; 8 pages. Materials: LEGO parts; vinyl.

Guy Himber: "A functional book built completely from LEGO. The eight pages are filled with unique, aquatic animals designed and built by the author."

" ... this second book might be better described as a collection of fantasy mechanical fish built from LEGO bricks in a Steampunk style."

Creations featured: SeaHorse; LionFish; Mahi Mahi; Coconut Crab; Scorpion Fish; Jellyfish; Baracuda.


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