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Lo Que Quiere
By A. Kendra Greene and Lina Ferreira
Iowa City, Iowa: Greene Ink Press, 2011. Edition of 40.

3.125 x 5"; 12 pages. Double sided accordion. Printed on Nideggen paper with Bembo types and polymer plates from "pencil drawings and drool." Printed on a Vandercook Universal press. Text on one side of the accordion; drawings on reverse. Paper covered boards with title printed on cover. Signed by Green and Ferreira.

A. Kendra Greene: "Lo que quiere es que le piquen caña means What he wants is for someone to cut up sugar cane, or Some people seem to want not merely access to the fields, and permission to take of the harvest, but also for the owners themselves to cut the cane and serve it with ice water or Moon-grown sugar cubes for the gentleman in the corner! or something else again--something about childhood and sugar and blood. Essayist and translator Lina Maria Ferreira Cabeza-Vanegas Santos de Leon collects aphorisms from her mother in Columbia. She is translating her favorites and building those translations into essays, known collectively as the Refranos project. Lo que quiere es que le piquen caña is number 457 from the on-going list. There will be more."

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By A. Kendra Greene
Iowa City, Iowa: Greene Ink Press, 2010. Open Edition.

5.5 x 8.25"; 43 pages, one a fold-out page. Notes, handwritten on grocery bags, receipts, and envelopes, were scanned and reproduced as photocopies on Bellbrook and Mohawk papers. Bound in recycled grocery bags with title hand-stamped in red ink on cover. Slipped in manila mailing envelope. Colophon and background information printed on envelope exterior.

One individual's waning years captured in the notes and letters found in his home. The hand-written fragments reek of loneliness and the nagging constraints of dependency.

A. Kendra Greene: "When my sister bought a house in Oakland, its sale came on the condition that she take everything in it. There were still clothes in the closet, food on the counter, dentures in the bathroom - everything just as it was when someone came to evacuate the 87-year-old owner from the life he'd been living alone. She had to wear a mask. There were also messages throughout the house: a veritable ledger of oil changes scrawled on the garage door, the words 'cold backward' written on the wall above a faucet, and 93 pieces of paper scattered in the shelves next to a black rotary phone. These notes were written on the back of manila envelopes, grocery bags torn into pages, a receipt, white envelopes opened at their seams and pressed flat. They read like transcripts or monologues. They remark variously on the quality of Australian wine and the cost of Chinese dinners, but mostly they chronicle the writer's failing faculties, his fears about aging, and an intense loneliness."

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Costumes of the Giant Ground Sloth:
A Field Guide

By A. Kendra Greene
Iowa City, Iowa: Greene Ink Press, 2009. Edition of 62.

7 x 14"; 4 pages. Single sheet, folded. Printed on Stonehenge warm white paper with hand-set Bembo types and polymer plates.

A. Kendra Greene: "Since 1999, the staff of the University of Iowa Museum of Natural History have been costuming their Megalonyx jeffersoni model. The 2009 Field Guide honors the sesquicentennial of the UIMNH and its decade of sloth dressing.

"The first thing Rusty ever wore was a tie. Two ties, actually, purchased one at a time from the university book store across the street, the second tie after it became very apparent that the first would scarcely encircle the giant sloth's throat. Since that first costume in 1999, the staff of the University of Iowa Museum of Natural history has gone on to dress their model Megalonyx jeffersoni as Zorro, Lincoln, Cupid, Darwin, Santa Claus, Harry Potter, and King Tut. The list goes on, with the most recent crop of sloth dressers interpreting their favorite example of Ice Age megafauna through such feminine icons as Little Red Riding Hood and Rosie the Riveter."


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Love is in the Airport
a true story

By A. Kendra Greene.
Iowa City, Iowa: Greene Ink Press, 2009. Edition of 70.

5.5 x 7.5"; 16 pages. Hand-set Bembo types and photopolymer plates from pencil drawings. Printed on Rives Heavyweight paper. Handsewn pamphlet bound.

A. Kendra Greene: "A true story of finding love in Chicago's Midway airport - not the abstract concept, but the man himself. I wasn't looking for Love, certainly not in the parking garage between the last stop on the CTA Orange Line and check-in for Midway's departing flights. It didn't matter. Love found me. And he wanted to help carry my bags. Unlikely as it may sound, this is a true story of finding Love in a Chicago airport - not the abstract concept of love, but the man himself. Love was, when I met him, a lanky security guard, and his attentions were enough to make me wonder what Love might really mean."

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Sea Delisches
By A. Kendra Greene
Iowa City, Iowa: Red Thread Press, 2009. Edition of 65.

6 x 9.5"; 28 pages. Printed with hand-set Bembo types and polymer plates from pencil drawings and pressure prints. Printed on Zerkall Book smooth white, Fabriano Tiziano pale felt blue, and Ingres antique sky blue papers. Pamphlet bound.

Five vignettes filled with color, food, and the wonderful focusing dislocation of foreign travel – this riffs from a trip to Croatia.

A. Kendra Greene: "Rovinj is a seaside town that, when rendered as a gelato, is brilliant blue and tastes like bubble gum. Perhaps there are other places that taste like Fragolla or Pesce. Cities like Pineapple; settlements of Banana in the distant hills; a township of Coconut Something or Other if you just keep following the winding roads along the coast. What is the population of Kiwi? The industry in Whisky or Red Bull? Who vacations in Tiramisu? And who visits Fruit of the Loom? Walking and eating in Rovinj, Croatia, thinking about translation and other issues of the tongue, inspired both the imagery and the five prose poems in Sea Delisches."

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