Monica Goldstein ~ Argentina

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Monica Goldstein: " I am fascinated by the difficulty in finding a relevant definition of an Artist's Book. Whenever I find a definition, there then appears another work which goes beyond. It is hard to set the limits of this discipline. The language multiplicity that underlies Artist's Books raises more and more possibilities, degrees of freedom that the artists can take and develop in their work and in themselves."
By Monica Goldstein
Buenos Aires, Argentina: Monica Goldstein, 2003. One-of-a-Kind.

3.5 x 4.75 1.25" wooden box. Mixed media. Materials: paper, inks, oil paints. Signed by the artist.

Monica Goldstein: "This artist book was created during a period in which I wanted to explore the relationship between inner and outer; what is revealed and what lies beneath. The curiosity led to a series composed of wooden boxes that I found; each one containing different materials. The scribbles made on the printed letters and an illustration can be seen on the cover and spine as well as the fore edges. The pages inside can't be opened. All of the paper used belongs to a book from my father's library that I received as an heritage. I incorporate his books into my artwork as a homage to him."


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