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Marvel Grégoire: “When I consider the book, I think about process, materials, images and ideas contained in a small package to be shared with and enjoyed by others. Whether concrete or abstract, the entire process is personal and very tangible, putting me in touch with others both past and present, here and no longer. I am the author, the artist, as well as the printer and the binder. I take great pleasure in seeing my books emerge complete from conception. A gift, the book can please in many ways, offer ideas for discussion and possibly bring about change. It keeps us in touch with others and so becomes critical to community and traditions, communication and connections, critical components in our culture today. For me, bookmaking is a delight, one hundred percent.”
Nature's Quintet
By Marvel Grégoire
Minneapolis, Minnesota: Marvel Grégoire, 2013. Edition of 8.

Five 5.5 x 8.5 x 2.5"" volumes. Each volume has 7 leaves unbound and laid into a two-sheet fold over then laid into letter fold case. Printed on handmade cotton paper. Case and inset letterpress printed on Flax Canal Farm Waste and Tengu-Jo paper. Each volume signed and numbered by the artist. Designed, printed and made by the artist at MCBA Minneapolis, Minnesota, on a Vandercook and Conrad etching presses.

Marvel Grégoire: "This work is an homage to nature and references the artist's time spent in Northern Minnesota and the work of Minneapolis botanist and artist Eloise Butler. It is a reminder to observe, respect, and protect nature's gifts as well as a call to replenish.

“One of the obvious references for my work on botanicals is nature. We have owned a cabin in northern Minnesota for the past twenty years. During this time we have been fortunate to observe the growth and renewal of plant life over many seasons. In more recent years, I have planted and nurtured a small wildflower garden. I take delight in this experience and in my small efforts at replenishment. Another influence has been an appreciation for the work of Eloise Butler, Minnesota botanist and preservationist. Eloise devoted a lifetime to the study of wildflowers and to bringing attention to their sensitive habitat. As part of her legacy, she also established the well-known Eloise Butler Wildflower Garden for public appreciation in Minneapolis. While my contribution is small, this collection of botanical prints is devoted to her passion and commitment to bringing awareness to Minnesota flora and their habitat."

Each book contains a case of volumes with 25 botanical prints in total. Each unbound volume contains a poem, table of contents, and photopolymer prints of five original drawings.
$250 (Last two copies)

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Marvel Grégoire Out of Print Title:  
By Marvel Grégoire
Minneapolis, Minnesota: Marvel Grégoire, 2014. Edition of 5.

7.5 x 13"; 32 pages. Letterpress printed on handmade abaca paper. Handsewn binding using linen thread. Text and drawings by the artist. Laid in box covered in Japanese book cloth with magnet closure. Paper title and illustration tipped on front cover. Signed and numbered by the artist.

Marvel Grégoire: "The title 'Contre-Chant Vert' refers to the antiphon sung by alternating choirs before or after a psalm. For the book's message I acknowledge Willa Cather, quoted in the first response from My Ántonia. Likewise, this piece has influences as far reaching as Rachel Carson, Yoko Ono, and various Native American teachings about our connections to the earth and 'taking only what we need.' My thoughts are grounded in their writings and I am grateful to call on their work."

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By Marvel Grégoire
Minneapolis, Minnesota: Marvel Grégoire, 2015. Edition of 10.

5.5 x 5.5"; 20 pages. Accordion structure (single side). Five photogravure etchings printed from digital photographs on the Conrad etching press. Text printed from polymer plates on the Vandercook Press. Font: Adobe Caslon Pro. Printed on Zerkall Book White paper. Slipped into wrapper of handmade paper from Cave Paper with title blind embossed on front cover. Laid in clamshell box covered in cotton and linen fabric with thread and leaf ornament closure. Includes separate print laid in. Book and print signed and numbered by the artist.

Marvel Grégoire: "For knitters and creators of all things. What begins as a solitary passion often turns into something much greater and unexpected. KNIT is a book in a box containing a poem about knitting, a metaphor for 'making' of any sort, and four photogravure etchings of the artist's knitting. The whimsical nature of the book with references to knitting jargon and tools, along with the etchings, has a musical flare that is repeated in the accordion format."

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