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Nicole Eiland: " I am fascinated by the power and wonder of nature. It sometimes surprises me that we humans are actually a part of it, and at other times, it seems so clear that we are playing by the rules of nature. In my work I explore the wonder of nature and humanity’s place within it. My goal is to translate those discoveries through artwork."
Miniature books by Nicole Eiland  

hugging life
By Nicole Eiland
Pennsauken, New Jersey: Nicole Eiland, 2008. Edition of 15.

4 x 9.5"; 7 pages. Accordion fold structure. Cyanotype on eames paper. Paper-covered boards with tipped on accent of tree bark.

Nicole Eiland: "The photos are made while leaning at the tree (hugging like) and looking up at it. This book is the beginning of a series of pieces I'm working on. My recent work is about humans living in symbiosis with nature and … new energies created with it."

Text: when you hug one of these / proud giants / you are connecting with / the sap of life


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By Nicole Eiland
Pennsauken, New Jersey: Nicole Eiland, 2005. Edition of 3.

5.25 x 5.25"; 36 pages. Paper hand-dyed in curry and turmeric. The orange lines are screen printed. The pages have been folded into a reluctant version of an accordion book, and sometimes are further attached by cords that pierce several in succession, making a series of uneven sections – like a damaged Slinky. Bound by paper-covered boards.

Nicole Eiland: "This is a book meant to be literally sensed, and to be played with. I really enjoy letting the book flow from one hand to the other."
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Nicole Eiland Out of Print Title:
• ursprung

Bundle Up
By Nicole Eiland
Mat and Nicole Eiland
Pennsauken, New Jersey: Nicole Eiland, 2005. Edition of 25.

3.5 x 4"; 8 pages. Offset print and hand coloring. Handbound with a crocheted scarf accenting the spine.

Nicole Eiland: "Bundle up is a summary on my feelings towards cold weather."

Eiland offers her Fahrenheit Gang, a scarf-wearing group - including Edin and Patrick on sniffle patrol - who step up "to fight the forces of the freeze breeze."

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ordinary discovery
By Nicole Eiland
Pennsauken, New Jersey: Nicole Eiland, 2006. Edition of 10.

6.75 x 4.75 x 1.8"; 8 page accordion fold. Non-silver prints with yam, kiwi, and parsnip papyruses.

This book is about curiosity within the patterns of our daily surroundings.

Nicole Eiland: "Natural events happen around us constantly. From the wind who makes the leaves sing, to the rain which draws lines on the windows, from the formation a carrot has when you slice it, to the sun who plays with forms of shadows. These ordinary occurrences that seem to go unnoticed, the forms and structures we take for granted, captivates my interest. Bringing attention to these unique lines and structures, what we mostly think are not so essential constellations, is my motivation."
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there is stillness
By Nicole Eiland
Pennsauken, New Jersey: Nicole Eiland, 2005. Edition of 20.

11 x 4.75"; 54 pages. Yellow paper hand-dyed in curry and turmeric. Letterpress printed. Green transparency paper with digital prints. Bamboo dowel binding. Cloth boards with grosgrain ribbons to attach to spine. Ribbon tie.

Colophon: "Drawing and text inspired by the concept of mandalas in Buddhism."

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