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(Jason Workman)

By Jason Workman
New York: Everyday Press, 2009. Edition of 10.

8 x 8.25" closed, opens to 48"; 6 pages. Accordion. Inkjet text. Herbal plant dye accents. Pages of 100% cotton rag. Bound in Japanese Yatsuo 100% Kozo over chipboard. Title and author on front board with hot foil stamp.

Jason Workman: "Green consists of a concrete poem and drawings. The poem is a series of two-word phrases which form a continuous line extending from the beginning to the completion of the book. The text draws on associations with the word green. The stain drawings that accompany the text utilize handmade herbal dyes; Coltsfoot, Lady's Mantle, Motherwort, Meadowsweet, Nettle, Shavegrass, and Tansy. "

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The Residue of a Moment...
By Jason Workman
New York: Everyday Press, 2008. Edition of 100

4.5 x 6"; 32 pages.

The residue of a moment experienced by someone other than yourself now a constituent part of a consciousness that has no capacity to forget yet remembers very little is the complete title for this artists' book by Jason Workman. The content consists of photographs documenting a number of public interventions in New York and Melbourne, Australia. Two texts were written on paper and pomegranates respectively, and inserted into public spaces.

Jason Workman, artist statement: "My practice is concerned with introducing gestures, texts, and objects into public space. I am interested in the subtle intersection of these minimal and quiet interventions within the flux of everyday life. I refrain from differentiating 'art-practice' from the 'practice-of-living.' To this end, I have created interventions in my workplace, in retail spaces, on trains, in parks, on the sidewalk. etc. The interventions are poetic, ephemeral and often of a diminutive scale; therefore, they may be noticed by only a few people. If the work elicits a smile, a pause, a moment of disorientation in a small number of people, I consider this worthwhile. Essentially, this type of practice is intuitive and exploratory. It seeks opportunities in which to playfully engage with aspects of our everyday reality."



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