Luis Delgado ~California

Artist Statement :"I create photography based prints, books, and installations with history and societal systems as my theme. I use a visual language of icons and gestures assembled into compound images to create narratives that address this issue. This language, which I have gathered over many years, consists of photographs of iconography and inanimate representations from many historical and mundane settings throughout the world, as well as imagery taken from mass media outlets. My goal is to achieve a uniquely personal social commentary and analysis using my language of iconography as its voice."

By Lisdebertus aka Luis Delgado
San Francisco: Califrisco Press, 2006. Edition of 37: 25 numbered, 12 lettered.

11.75 x 18.5"; 17 leaves unnumbered interleaved with clear overlay pages. 14 Interleaved plates. Printed using K3 pigment inks on alfa cellulose paper. Bound with Chicago screws, masonite covers, aluminum hinges, and archival papers.

Sharon Mizota, "A World of Hurt" (introduction): "... This series of photo collages appropriates images from a variety of sources without regard for context or attribution. It freely mixes images of torture, murder, and mutilation with portraits of some of the most powerful and influential men in world history. However, Lisdebertus intends not to obscure the lines of responsibility, but to call for greater accountability. He employs a blunt visual language to postulate the links between unspeakable acts of violence and the high-ranking perpetrators who often get away with them.

"Through their distinctive visual alchemy, the collages tell buried stories, outline hidden connections, and make scandalous accusations. Although the juxtapositions may feel jarring and random, they generate new meanings, pushing viewers to make their own associations. Lisdebertus's cut and paste approach may seem brash, but its boldness is entirely strategic. The works decisively level historic and academic hierarchies, and cut through the official accounts, circumlocutions, and justifications that lull us into accepting brutality as a necessary part of everyday life. They remind us, forcefully, that violence is inexcusable, and that someone is always responsible."

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