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Broadside project by Emily Dyer  
Extravagant or Credo
By Emily Dyer
Salt Lake City, Utah: Emily Dyer, 2014. Edition of 20 variants.

4 x 5" closed, extends to 48". Accordion structure with pamphlet stitch. Card and essay text printed letterpress with handset Cloister Light Face Roman. Images printed with photopolymer plates made from found winged insects: butterflies, dragonflies, moths. Printed on Gampi, Frankfurt Cream, and Rives papers. Signed and numbered by the artist.

Colophon: "A religious pamphlet written & designed by Emily Dyer after reading the Bible, the Book of Mormon, and the Divine Comedy."

Emily Dyer: "I read Dante's Divine Comedy years ago in college. It seemed Dante was using the creative process as a means for worship. I was haunted by how images were redeemed and altered throughout the three books: the souls as leaves in hell; the souls as petals in heaven. Since then, there have been so many books that added to this idea of creation as meditation as worship. In Walden, Thoreau discusses extravagance, the idea of going beyond borders purposefully, radically. I saw this on the first page of T.J. Cobden-Sanderson's Genesis In the beginning with a red 'I' that encompassed the page and the text. I saw it too in his Credo with the extravagance of the blank pages before beginning his treatise of belief. I began Extravagant or Credo in answer to these books. The book is my explanation of the extravagance of faith—of worship. It layers sacred text and experience with scientific images (wing images made from collected specimens: butterfly, moth, dragonfly, grasshopper, bee)."

Ehren Clark, Recontextualizing Civilization, Exhibition review, Utah's Art Magazine :Extravagant or Credo is a fold-out accordion-like paper-made book, using words, passages of scripture and poetry, with pockets and pull-out cards, to create an endless play of semantic structures and relationships of meanings of significance — an endless abstract but very poignant narrative. 'The book is my explanation of the extravagance of faith—of worship,' says Dyer. Extravagant or Credo is an ingenuous formation on the book that, as we have seen, can come in any form or structure, but Dyer stresses the fundamental principle of the book, which is not the turning of the page, but the transporting of information, which, for Dyer’s purposes, is indefatigable."

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July 1
By Emily Dyer
Salt Lake City, Utah: J. Willard Marriott Library, 2011. Edition of 30.

3.75 x 4"; 8 pages. Modified single sheet book with two pocket pages, each containing one sheet of text and one photo. Letterpress printed. Laid in four-flap lightweight card stock container with velcro closure.

Emily Dyer: "A meditation on memory, time, and landscape - the book explores expressions of loss & community. The project began with the discovery of graffiti on a concrete wall along the Great Salt Lake. In large black letters, someone had written: I miss everything about you! (Since the photographs were taken, the graffiti has been erased.) "

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