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Dana Standish, Common objects get royal treatment in bookbinder's hands (Seattle Times): "Claudia Cohen is a hand bookbinder. She is not an artist, she is quick to tell you. She is a bookbinder. She makes one-of-a-kind or small editions of items that are ubiquitous in our society and are almost all mass-produced. She acknowledges that she is 'an oddity' in a culture in which there is a pervasive cultural frenzy to do things faster and more uniformly, and most books are thought of as disposable objects."

Edible Alphabet
By Claudia Cohen
Seattle, Washington: Claudia Cohen, 2010. Edition of 30.

4.2 x 4.5"; 44 pages including free end papers. Stenciled pochoir. Calligraphy. Stamped words. Bound with parchment documents. Housed in a clamshell box covered with papers marbled by Karli Frigge of the Netherlands.

Heavenly Monkey Press: "Claudia's most recent project (created during the summer of 2010), similar in spirit to Bookbinding Ephemera and Chasing Paper, An Edible Alphabet combines her love for letterforms, fanciful page compositions, and binding structures that convey intimacy when held. Each page reproduces from stencils a letter in three alphabets, surrounded by the names of foods starting with that letter. These words are taken from Claudia's large collection of early 20th-century rubber stamps, used in restaurants to create the daily menu. Some words are also written in her own elegant cursive. The paper used is a wafer-thin vintage laid, French folded and sewn long-stitch onto a vellum structure with three slips, and laced into an outer case made from pieces of 18th- and 19th-century parchment documents."
$500 (Last Copy)



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Claudia Cohen Out of Print Title:  

Bookbinding Ephemera
By Claudia Cohen
Seattle, Washington: 2005. Edition of 30.

7.5 x 7.875 x 1.25"; 14 pages (sixteen panels). Dos-a-dos accordion book. Issued in paper covered boards. Housed in matching cloth covered box with title on spine.

Rollin Milroy: "Claudia Cohen has been working with some of the top names in fine press and artists' books for three decades, including Gehenna Press, Pennyroyal Press, Chelonidae Press, the Museum of Modern Art, Grenfell Press, the Whitney Museum, and David R. Godine, to name just a few. It was at Baskin's Gehenna press that she was introduced to the book arts, initially apprenticed to master printer Harold McGrath. That eventually (and circuitously) led her to binding and a five-year apprenticeship with Gray Parrot. She established her own bindery in Massachusetts in 1983, and moved it to Seattle in 2003.

"In addition to her ongoing limited edition and design binding work, Claudia has indulged her passion for paper in recent years, issuing a series of books mining her own collections.

"The second volume in her series is Bookbinding Ephemera, an ingenious dos-a-dos accordion structure book that assembles all of the materials at a binder's disposal: threads, papers, cloths, and skins. Each assemblage is laid out in a different pattern on the page spread (a page showing spine labels from various projects is shown at right). The verso of the ephemera side collects a wide range of papers - marbled, paste and other - from her collection ... An assembling all the materials at a binder's disposal."

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