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James Reid: Selected Wood Engravings
By Robert J. Strossi
Boston, Massachusetts: Brier Hill Press, 2013. Edition of 125.

10 x 14 x 1.5" cloth-covered clamshell box with 16 page booklet and two wrappers containing wood engravings. Engravings numbered and printed on 80 lb. Mohawk Superfine smooth cover. Photo of Reid and his wife Alyse mounted on the interior of the case. Paper titles on spine. Signed and numbered on the colophon by Strossi.

Brier Hill Press: "The inaugural publication of Brier Hill Press, James Reid: Selected Wood Engravings, marks the first appearance of these superb images since they were published in book form more than eighty years ago. The portfolio contains thirty-two original wood engravings in two separate folders: nineteen from The Life Of Christ in Woodcuts, (Farrar & Rinehart, 1930), and thirteen from The Song of Songs, (Farrar & Rinehart), 1931.

"James Reid's 1930 and 1931 projects for Farrar & Rinehart heralded the appearance of a highly talented young artist whose distinctive style and masterful interpretive skills were highly praised in their day and highly prized ever since. While Reid illustrated several books in subsequent years, his work as a wood engraver was cut short by the severity of the great depression. As a result, he turned principally to commercial art for the remainder of his long and successful career.

"Apart from a very few images printed from the blocks by James Reid for family members to commemorate special occasions, there was never a separate edition of the individual engravings. Of the one hundred and eight blocks that he created for the two books, a total of forty-two have survived and remain in possession of the Reid family; the whereabouts and fate of the remaining blocks are not known."


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