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Art Jazz Books: “After a beginning focus on textiles, C.J. turned to mixed media installations and book art to complete her degree. These are the two foci of her work today. Books were a perfect medium for her to express ideas and use the immediate accessibility of reader/audience interaction in telling a story, in addition to being enamored with the endless possibilities of building unusual structures to house those stories. … Another strong thread running through C.J.’s work has reflected one of her greatest passions, jazz and Latin music.”

International Women's Days:
We Want Our Bread and Roses Too!

By cj grossman
Berkeley, California: Art Jazz, (2004). Open Edition.

5.5 x 7.5"; 4 pages. Flexagon book with instructions for revealing the hidden pages..

A brief history of the women's movement from the first recorded organized protest of women on March 8, 1857, to the Pro-Choice March in 2004.

Grossman created this flexagon "in honor of the 10th anniversary of the Maestrapeace mural at the San Francisco Women's Building and the 17th Anniversary of The Global Fund for Women."

Color photos in the interior pages of the flexagon are by Leanne Grossman of the Pro-Choice March in Washington D.C on April 25, 2004.

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Too Personal
By cj grossman
Berkeley, California: [Art Jazz Books], c 2004. One-of-a-Kind.

11 x 4.25" closed; 10 paged accordion. Each page has a smaller (3.5 x 2") book tipped on and cutout windows in which hang images of clothing (for example, boxing gloves and an athletic supporter for Lew). Red paper-covered boards with front board cut out to provide a frame for a Michelangelo's David-shaped figure composed of men's faces.

cj grossman explores the practice of meeting people through personal ads. Larry made arrangements then didn't show up. Peter dressed down for a cup of coffee date – orange cutoffs and red socks. Mikey wanted to play hide-and-seek at the mall. Lew showed up 30 minutes late because he stayed to watch the remainder of a boxing match. Allen told the same stories on the second date that he did on the first.

The book ends with this question: "Is it better to place an ad or respond to an ad? Would it be better to cold call the phone book?"

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Out of print titles by CJ Grossman:  
Heart Medicine
By cj grossman
Berkeley, California: cj grossman, 2000. Edition of 7.

1 x 1"; 12 pages. Miniature. Accordion structure. Hand embossed words. Heart-shaped pages with red ribbon accents. Housed in lightweight paper prescription box measuring 1 x 2 x .5". Title stamped on front.

cj grossman: "Sometimes I start a book based on materials, and I bought these great old-timey prescription boxes used way back before bottles were popularized. So I made this supreme valentine book where one person asks her/his valentine for everything including her heart. ("Hey V, give me some tea, some heat, your hat, your art," etc.) All the words come from the word 'heart.'"

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