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                                                                                                         Share this page: “Gene Valentine is the proprietor of Almond Tree Press & Paper Mill, where he is the master printer and papermaker. At Almond Tree Press, he is responsible for the editing, design, and production activities for the printing, binding, and publishing of fine limited-edition books and other typographical artwork. As a papermaker, he is especially interested in creating fine papers from fibers derived from native plants in Arizona and New Zealand , including cat claw vines, bottle tree pods, New Zealand flax, and cabbage tree leaves. With The Book Arts Program at the J. Willard Marriott Library, he has demonstrated hand papermaking at the Great Salt Lake Book Festival since its beginning in 1998 using pulp made from blue jean denim as a way of demonstrating the use of recycled cotton fibers. His early work with silk as a papermaking fiber led to the formation of the Paper Project, an award-winning web site that presents the results of his research into the interior structure of handmade papers using a scanning laser confocal microscope.”

Breathing Between Dances
By Bettie Anne Doebler
Tempe, Arizona: Almond Tree Press & Paper Mill, 2007. Edition of 85.

6.5 x 11.625"; 24 pages. Printed on Rives Heavyweight Cream sheets. Handset in Palatino foundry type and printed by Gene Valentine. Endpapers of Bertini decorated sheets from Italy. Bound in a handmade lokta sheet from Nepal. Daffodil image on the title and final pages by George Uibel. Signed by poet and printer.

Colophon: "For this edition, the Sienna Orange cover was made by hand in remote Himalayan villages from the inner bank of the 'paper tree,' known as lokta (Dapne cannbina or D. papyracea). After being dried, the sheets were loaded onto donkeys for a five-day and five-night journey over mountain trails. When the caravan reached a road, the sheets were transferred to whatever form of transport came along for the trip to Kathmandu, where they were purchased for export.

"The decorative endsheets (Bertini #920, with powdered gold) were printed in Florence, Italy, by Grafica Bertini, which has printed papers since 1901, using Florentine designs from the Renaissance."

Prospectus, Almond Tree Press: "While devoting herself to teaching interdisciplinary humanities and English literature, Bettie Anne Doebler has been writing poetry as an avocation for more than forty years. Now as Professor Emerita of English, she continues to teach in the Interdisciplinary Program at Arizona State University. She has published more than eighty poems, poems she describes as 'the expression of moments of epiphany in the midst of onrushing time,' each an 'ongoing conversation with my inner self.'

"Writing about the poet and the poems, English Professor Marjorie Lightfoot notes that 'Bettie Anne Doebler is a woman who dances, clunks, climbs, remembers, and then catches her breath writing poems. We dance along with her, inspired to join the adventures of her imagination with each poem.'"

A dancer gave me the phrase -
beautiful and evocative
of the intense effort
that goes into the dance
of life and the need to restore
crucial oxygen to the body, ...


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Four for Anne
By Harvey McQueen
Tempe, Arizona: Almond Tree Press & Paper Mill, 2007. Edition of 50.

5.375 x 8.875"; 16 pages. Archival text and cover paper are Johannot and Canford Cherry. Endpapers are handmade from New Zealand flax fibers by Gene Valentine. Handset and printed with Stempel Palatino foundry type. Printed and bound by Gene Valentine. Illustrations by Jonathan Else.Edition of 30: 30 arabic numbered copies (unavailable); 20 signed roman numbered.

Colophon: "These four poems were written as a gift of love for Anne Else, the poet's wife."

New Zealand Book Council: "Harvey McQueen has published poetry, anthologies, and memoir. He has written several collections of poetry, and edited anthologies lauded for their originality. His own poetry is known to be ‘meditative or conversational,’ and focuses on ‘relationships, family, love, work, politics, office life, domestic concerns like gardening or cats, music and reading’. McQueen’s memoir, The Ninth Floor (1991), comments on the educational and political history of the mid-to-late 1980’s. He was made an Officer of the New Zealand order of Merit for services to education and literature in 2002."

is reading a Margaret
Atwood poem &
understanding it ...

is regret
at lost time ...

Gene Valentine: "My favorite part of the book is the New Zealand flax endsheets (I collected the fibers on our last trip to NZ and then made the paper here in Arizona)."

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