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Andi Arnovitz ~ Israel

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Andi LaVine Arnovitz (born 1959) is an American-Israeli printmaker and multimedia artist.

Brooklyn Museum of Art: "[Arnovitz] considers herself a printmaker, a paper-manipulator, a bookmaker and an assemblage artist. Her primary love is working with paper, printing on it, etching with it, drawing, sewing, tearing and repairing. Her pieces often reflect her love of pattern, surface, and thread she has had since she was child wandering through her father’s fabric store in Kansas City. … Of great concern to her are primary issues surrounding the differences between Jews and Arabs, between religious and non-religious, between Jewish law and contemporary society, between men and women, between young and old. Over and over these politics and tensions are explored, examined and dissected in her works."


The Laryngitis of Jewish Women
Poem by Chaya Lester
Artist book by Andi Arnovitz
Jerusalem: Andi Arnovitz, 2016. Edition of 17.

7 x 12"; 4 pages. Accordion structure. Silkscreened and hand-applied wooden veneer. Printed on Arches 260 paper. English only text composed in Garamont and Avenir. Graphic art and book binding created by Mikoriza Bookpress (Jerusalem). Laid in handbound box with ribbon tie closure. Signed and numbered by the artist.

Andi Arnovitz: "A book that holds a poem about the lack of agency among Orthodox Jewish women. Specifically the act of handing over a newborn male child for the ritual circumcision - over the mechitz, or rutual divider in synagogue, the one which separates men and women."

Chaya Lester is a Jerusalem-based spiritual teacher, psychotherapist, writer, and performance artist. She is co-director of the Shalev Center for Jewish Personal Growth.

Standing en pointe
straining my ears
while some distant ceremony
was unfolding something holy
left me running
for refreshments
while the women sat & chatted
and I hated
their lack of focus ..


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By Andi Arnovitz
Jerusalem: Andi Arnovitz, 2014. Edition of 10.

18.5 x 21 x 11 cm. Pigment printed and laser cut. Trifold information paper in English and Hebrew. Handmade box. Silkscreened burlap bags. Signed and numbered by the artist.

Andi Arnovitz: "An interactive artist’s book narrating the plight of the Nigerian schoolgirls kidnapped by Boko Haram in April 2014. The 'cage' contains 216 paper dolls - the number of girls missing at the time of publication. Half of the proceeds of the sale of these books goes to Girl Rising, an organization devoted to advancing girl’s education in India, Nigeria and the Congo."

Andi Arnovitz, Art: Beauty and the 'Beasts' April 19, 2015: “There is something epic about what is going on right now ... Some days I feel that we have learned nothing. How is it that we are beheading people today? Or 200 schoolgirls get kidnapped [in Nigeria] and, in the age of jet planes and the Internet, we can’t rescue them and bring them home to their mommies and daddies? I don’t know if I’m becoming a cranky old woman or it’s just a matter of perspective, but it seems that we don’t learn anything.”

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The Only Thing Left to do with the Oslo Accords
By Andi Arnovitz
: Andi Arnovitz, 2014. Edition of 18.

35 x 14 x 12.5 cm handmade wooden box. Hinged lid with titles on cover. Contains three printed rolls of toilet paper. Ribbon tie per roll. Colophon attached to interior of lid. Signed and numbered by the artist.

A work by Israeli artist Andi Arnovitz which reflects the frustration with the forgotten Oslo accords. These accords between Israel and the PLO, signed in 1993 and 1995, were designed to achieve peace, at least a relative peace, between the signees. Three rolls of toilet tissue laid in a box. Each roll printed with the Oslo Accords - one in English, one in Hebrew, one in Arabic.

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Tales of a Nuclear Tehran
By Andi Arnovitz
Jerusalem: Andi Arnovitz, 2014. Edition of 14 (10 numbered, 2 PP, 2 AP).

11.75 x 12"; 15 leaves. Twelve archival pigment ink prints digitally reproduced from the original watercolor collages. Each print signed, dated, and numbered. Text of title page, introduction, and colophon in English and Hebrew. Laid in a handmade silk box with ribbon lift. Signed and numbered on the colophon by the artist.

A commentary on the nuclear arms race and the crisis in the Middle East. Deconstructing the legacy of Islamic arts – textiles, ceramics, and rugs – and reconstructing them to tell a story of current events.

Andi Arnovitz, Tales of Nuclear Tehran introduction: "For years now I have been obsessed and worried about Iran. They have made no pretense of having anything but violent and lethal intentions towards Israel and the United States. As an artist, it is very hard for me to reconcile a country that has such a gorgeous and sublime artistic legacy with a place that currently boasts of such destructive ambitions. I had collected books and magazines about textiles and decorative arts of all kinds which piled up in my studio. One day, while looking at them, I started to see within the ornate and delicate patterns, a second layer of meaning: provocative and evil. As I began to deconstruct these rugs, ceramics and textiles, I found that I could alter the original meaning, that I could manipulate the smallest detail and change the context entirely.

"These twelve prints address Iran's race towards nuclear arms. They suggest a violent and fanatic strain of leadership which has taken over this once progressive country. In some prints there are fiery centrifuges spinning, ... In one I feature the uranium conversion facility at Isfahan ...

"The prints are similar in composition to Persian miniatures, but they are perverse - something sinister is lurking at the edges ... As with all my works, I try to seduce the viewer visually but then create an awareness of a problem or a situation that is in need of repair.", March 5, 2015: "Arnovitz has taken one aspect of that past, Iran’s rich artistic heritage, and, with watercolor and collage, used the intricate and colorful motifs of traditional Persian and Oriental art – rugs and miniatures – to portray both the fear and dissonance of life led in Israel, which borders on Syria, where ISIS operatives are fighting, and which is within missile range of an Iran that Is at most three years away from the uranium bomb. …

" The works depict both the prelude to potential destruction … and some of the imagined results of destruction, but in a deceptively beautiful way. … Words do not do justice to these works, which are at once both visually pleasing and deeply disturbing. How can this tension be sustained? Could the heirs of such a rich and aesthetic civilization unleash destruction? One’s answer may depend on where one sits."

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Good inclination / Evil inclination
By Andi Arnovitz
Jerusalem: Andi Arnovitz, 2012. Edition of 10.

7.5 x 13"; one-page structure with 10 flags. Hand painted. Silkscreen and archival pigment ink prints. Text in Hebrew and English. Printed on Epson 190 gms Radiant White Watercolor paper. Handbound with black cloth-covered boards and blind embossed titles. In matching slipcase. Signed and numbered by the artist.

Andi Arnovitz: "An interactive book about the human ability to take a neutral state and turn it into something good, or something bad - our power over our base instincts."

Andi Arnovitz, Colophon: "This interactive book is meant to provide the user with a framework in which to explore, contemplate, and mediate. Ten human conditions or experiences are written down the sides of the frames. The white side of the panels are the positive extreme of these conditions and by turning the red pegs and the page to the other side, the most negative result of that same action is revealed. It is my hope that the viewer will be provided with many opportunities for self-reflection and introspection. Art can change the world one person at a time."

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A Mother's Early Morning Prayer
Poem by Hava Pinhas Cohen
Etchings and Drawings by Andi Arnovitz
Jerusalem: Andi Arnovitz, 2012. Edition of 25, 13 in English and 12 in Hebrew.

15.5 x 20.5 when closed; 32 cm in diameter. Star carousel structure. Etchings and drawings digitally reproduced and laser cut. 5 folded sheets designed to form a 6-pointed Jewish star. Book printed on Arash paper. Bound in black cloth boards with magnetic closures. In matching slipcase with ribbon pull and paper titles on cover. Signed and numbered by the artist.

Andi Arnovitz: "A Victorian carousel artist’s book illustrating Hava Pinhas Cohen’s lovely poem about motherhood"

ITHL (Institute for the Translation of Hebrew Literature): "Hava Pinhas-Cohen was born in Israel in 1955 to parents of Bulgarian origin. She studied Hebrew literature and art history at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. Pinhas-Cohen has taught literature and written proficiency at high schools and colleges, as well as at Bar-Ilan University and Ben-Gurion University of the Negev, and has developed a special method of integrating literature, Bible, visual arts and cinema. Since 1989, she has been the editor of Dimui, a journal of literature, criticism and Jewish culture, and in 2007 she founded and became the artistic director of Kisufim, a conference of Jewish writers. She is also a book reviewer, translator, and newspaper columnist."
$1200 (Hebrew version)

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