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Fine Press & Artists' Books by Tryst Press

a sense of the other side
By Peter Makuck
Provo, Utah: Tryst Press, 2013. Edition of 40.

14.5 x 9" single sheet. Letterpress printed broadside. Numbered. Signed by the poet.

Broadside of poem by Makuck printed to commemorate the poet's visit to Utah in October 2013. Rob Buchert of Tryst Press has added a few paw prints to accompany the poem. "In 1974-75 he was a Fulbright Exchange Professor at Université de Savoie, in Chambéry, France. In 1990-1991 he was Visiting Writer at Brigham Young University. Until 2006 he edited Tar River Poetry, a national journal that he founded in 1978. Distinguished Professor Emeritus at East Carolina University, he lives with his wife Phyllis on Bogue Banks, one of North Carolina’s barrier islands. ... He has been a lecturer/discussion leader in the 'Poets in Person' series sponsored by the National Endowment for the Humanities."

Back home at last
after seeing my mother
lowered into frozen earth,
I couldn't find sleep
with wine or even pills
when our calico, as if
called, came to the sofa
and did something never repeated since ---


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By Leslie Norris
Provo, Utah: Tryst Press, 2006. Edition of 20.

9.75 x 15" single sheet. Letterpress printed with Centaur typeface. Reduction woodcuts. Printed by Rob Buchert for the 2006 Spring Semester letterpress class at Brigham Young University.

Robert Buchert: "'Stones', written by my friend Leslie Norris, was made as a gift to the Type as Image class I teach at Brigham Young University. Leslie had recently died and I gave the class the assignment to choose one of his poems and make a broadside. I decided to do one as well. The type is handset Centaur and the stones are reduction woodcuts."


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Ad Chloen
By Horace
Provo, Utah: Tryst Press, 2005. Edition of 30.

6 x 11" single sheet. Letterpress printed. Deckled bottom edge. Title and poet printed in red.

Broadside of Horace's poem in the original Latin.

Vitas inuleo me similis, Chloe,
quaerenti pavidam montibus aviis
matrem non sine vano
aurarum et silva metu. ...



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The Frogs
A Fable

By Aesop
Provo, Utah: Tryst Press, 2004. Edition of 40.

9.5 x 12.75" single sheet. Letterpress with watercolor illustration.

Tryst Press: "Sir Roger L'Estrange, who published his own version of Aesop's Fables in 1692, summed up this moral tale well when he wrote, 'The mobile are uneasie without a ruler: they are as restless with one; and the oft'ner they shift, the worse they are; so that government or no government; a king of God's making, or of the people's, or none at all; the multitude are never to be satisfied.

"This broadside is the droll first printing of a house translation of this classic fable, relevant to our day, and perhaps even more so during the current U.S. presidential race. Printed from handset uncial type and watercolored by Robert Buchert, it is sure to please the eye. Perhaps it might also serve to elevate character!"

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Newts and Salamanders
By Robert Buchert
Provo, Utah: Tryst Press, 2003. Edition of 50.

8.75 x 14.75" single sheet. Letterpress with woodcut illustration.

Tryst Press: "Full of essence and undulation, Newts and Salamanders deftly captures nature's yearning spirit. Written and illustrated with an amphibian woodcut by Robert Buchert, this sultry handset broadside will rouse your interest and reward you well for careful study. "

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The Village of Lillington
By Leslie Norris
Provo, Utah: Tryst Press, 2003. Edition of 40.

14.75 x 9.5" single sheet. Letterpress printed.

Poem by George Leslie Norris, a Welsh-born poet. Norris moved to Provo, Utah, in 1983 for a six month residency at Brigham Young University. He remained there until his death in 2006.

Tryst Press: "Here is the first publication of a brilliant little poem written by Leslie Norris in 1949. It was kept for years, like a shiny new coin never spent, in a gold-tooled leather-bound journal, written in Norris's elegant hand. Now it is fittingly paired in handset print with three dark starlings, the clever wood engravings of Robert Buchert."

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By Robert Buchert
Provo, Utah: Tryst Press, 2002. Edition of 40.

9.5 x 20.5" single sheet. Letterpress with woodcut illustration.

Tryst Press: "This broadside is the first publication of a gentle poem about parents and children by Robert Buchert, who also illustrated it using multicolor woodcuts. A love of the natural world, parenthood, or children, is all you need to appreciate this engaging piece."

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Night is the Smoke of the Gods
By Robert Buchert
Provo, Utah: Tryst Press, 2002. Edition of 40.

9.5 x 21" single sheet. Letterpress printed. Reduction woodcuts.

Robert Buchert: "The poem was one I'd composed for the book Nocturnes but didn't include. The image is made from two reduction woodcuts and the handset type is an unknown (to me) face – late 19th or early 20th Century – found in an old print shop that was dissembled by a friend."


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The Poplar
By Richard Aldington
Provo, Utah: Tryst Press, 2002. Edition of 45.

11.5 x 21" single sheet. Letterpress with woodcut illustration.

Broadside of poem by British poet Richard Aldington (1892 - 1962).

Tryst Press: "Refreshing as a lively breeze, this broadside surrounds and lifts the reader with the playful visions of Imagist poet Richard Aldington and artist Robert Buchert. The verse, which was printed from handset type, and its woodcut and line engraving illustration, appear to be involved in a flirtatious exchange. This is an enchanting piece of work."

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She is Far From the Land
By Thomas Hood
Provo, Utah: Tryst Press, 2002. Edition of 40.

11.75 x 21.75" single sheet. Letterpress with woodcut illustration.

Broadside of poem by British poet, Thomas Hood (1789-1845 ).

Tryst Press: "This fantastical poem by Thomas Hood excites the imagination with squally sea-faring adventure. Handset text rolls likes a troubling wave and splashes against the ominous swimming forms of merman and sea-dog, the spirited woodcuts rendered by Robert Buchert. "

Cables entangling her,
Shipspars for mangling her,
Ropes, sure of strangling her;
Blocks over-dangling her;
Tiller to batter her,
Topmast to shatter her,
Tobacco to spatter her; ...


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