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Artists' Books by Rory Golden  
Someday My Prince Will Come
By Rory Golden
New York: Palmapodoca Press, 2000. One-of-a-kind.

12.25 x 18.25" single sheet of unknown paper covered with Golden's expressive illustration. Letterpress printed text (the title).

Vintage early Golden, combining Matisse-like male form on a background of combed and dripped color.

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Crossed Over
By Beverly Lowry
Tuscaloosa, Alabama 1998.

8 x 11" broadside, letterpress printed. Cream paper with lavender image of the head of a girl. Printed below are two short paragraphs.

'Karla Faye makes for good copy also because she's a paradox. ... She looks so serene ...'

Excerpt from Beverly Lowry's book 'Crossed Over A Murder, A Memoir.' Printed by Rory Golden at Palmapodoca Press in Tuskaloosa, Alabama, on a day in January 1998 predicted to deliver 100 percent rain. Which it did.

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By Lisa Jarnot
1997. Edition of 30.

14 x 11" letterpress printed broadside of a Lisa Jarnot poem. Handset & letterpress printed over a reduction-printed, linoleum block image of farm fields as one might see from a high distance, as perhaps from an aeroplane. One of 30 SIGNED by Janot.

That the cows
moo in the field, that the
cows moo in the field quite loudly,
that the cows are mooing in the field, that
in the field the cows are mooing, that I love things, that
they love me back, ...

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Where My Niggas At
By Vonsha Henderson
Tuscaloosa, Alabama 1998.

8.25 x 14" letterpress printed broadside. Cream paper with purple artwork.

Excerpt from Vonsha Henderson's poem. Printed and illustrated by Rory Golden at Palmapodoca Press for the author's reading in Tuscaloosa, Alabama, November 6, 1998.

There are some who ain't got no love for me.
I lean into an idea of myself
that I have had for some time - ...
the me who ain't trying to prove my blackness,
the me who just ain't happen to be black,
not pushing myself into the ideas of others, ...

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