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vandercook 100
By Mary Ann Sampson
Ragland, Alabama: OEOCO Press, [2009]. Edition of 120.

8.5 x 11" single sheet. Broadside printed on Vandercook 100 Model SP20. Signed and numbered.

A printer's exchange of broadsides celebrated one hundred years since the introduction of the Vandercook flatbed cylinder proof press. These broadsides were produced exclusively on Vandercooks by one hundred printers around the world. The goal was to exchange one hundred prints between one hundred Vandercook operators.

Each printer was to produce 110 prints 8.5 x 11 inches on any weight or color paper and to include in the design or the colophon press model, serial number, name of proprietor, name of press, location, description of materials.

Description for Mary Ann Sampson's contribution from the University of South Alabama gallery exhibition: "Eight tawny squares form the restful background, partly overprinted with the title in a darker shade of tawny. Colophon in black."

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Pokeberry Inscription
By Sue Brannan Walker
Ragland, Alabama: OEOCO Press, 2008. Edition of 50.

12 x 5" single sheet broadside. Letterpress printed on a Vandercook SP 20 Press. Design, artwork, and printing by Mary Ann Sampson. The berries on the small floral element in this broadside are colored by the "blood" of the pokeberry.

One poem from Sue Brannan Walker's Faulkner Suite, a collection of 17 poems inspired by the life and work of William Faulkner, this broadside was printed as a keepsake for a reading from that book at Space One Eleven (Birmingham, Alabama, March 24, 2009). The pokeberry makes frequent appearances in Faulkner's writings. It produces a red dye used by Native Americans to decorate their horses; The Declaration of Independence was written in fermented pokeberry juice; and many letters from Civil War battlefields were written in pokeberry ink – an apt symbol for Faulkner's work.

... and scatter seed like verbals
coming to generation, coming
into text, textuality,
into skinned and living language
scribed in bloody
pokeberry juice.


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Henny Penny's Lover
By Mary Ann Sampson
Ragland, Alabama: OEOCO Press. Edition of 28.

5 x 3" image on 8.9 x 7”sheet of white paper. SIGNED by Mary Ann Sampson. Print in black & orange.

Print based on Sampson’s sculptural piece with the same title.



Obstacles & Impediments
By Mary Ann Sampson
Ragland, Alabama: OEOCO Press, 2000. Edition of 52.

8 x 11" broadside printed on cream paper. Words and images by Mary Ann Sampson. Image of the Word Snag (kind of a tree trunk image with head rising up with mouth open) eating letters and words.

'Obstacles and Impediments / The Word Snag/ Rises-Rose/ Out of the blue void / Swallowing /Bit by Bit by byte / These - those thoughts /Words/ We think - thought / We have - had ...'


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Visual Songs and Bone Dances
By Mary Ann Sampson
Ragland, Alabama: OEOCO Press, 1992.

11 x 16.5" broadside printed on cream paper. Poster design by Mary Ann Sampson. Typography by Walker Rumble. Illustrated with Sampson's paradoxical characters at top and bottom. In the middle text reads 'Visual Songs and Bone Dances / a presentation of / The One-Eye Opera Co. / Mary Ann Sampson / drawings • books • sculpture/ February 14-March 19, 1992 / Fifth Floor • Gorgas Library • University of Alabama / Opening reception: February 14, 7:00 p.m.'

A publicity broadside printed letterpress for an exhibit of Mary Ann Sampson's work.


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OEOCO Out of Print Title:  

One Moon; Two Moon; Three Moon Rising
By Mary Ann Sampson
Ragland, Alabama: OEOCO Press, 1991. One-of-a-kind.

12 x 8.5"; three matted original mixed media pieces, each combining drawing with Pigma pencils and collage. Each image measures 6 x 2.5" and is signed by the artist.

One of Sampson's ongoing interests is opera; hence her press name: One-Eyed Opera Company. In this nighttime opera, a dog bays at the moon – or at one moon, two moons, and three moons. For this busy canine, it's a 3-moon night.
$350 (SOLD)


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