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Tree of Two Birds
By Michael Dennis Browne
Minneapolis, MN: Indulgence Press, 2003. Edition of 250.

7 x 11.4"; single sheet. Printed in an edition of 250 copies on Rives paper, deluxe edition and on Fox River Teton pager for the standard edition.

This poem by Albert Goldbarth is the first broadside in Sheehy's Series 1. Signed by Goldbarth.

Tree of Two Birds is a poem about the beauty of bird song by the poet Michael Dennis Browne. The publication of this broadside coincided with the opening of the Pierre Bottineau Library on the 31st of May, 2003. The fountain was illustrated by Jim Noreen at RSP Architects.

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The Beauties of Bookbinding
By Oscar Wilde
Minneapolis, MN: Indulgence Press, 2002. Edition of 175.

11 x 17"; single sheet. Of the edition of 175: 25 Hors Commerce; 50 keepsake; 100 standard. 25 Hors Commerce copies were designed and produced by Dennis Ruud and Chip Schilling and printed at Indulgence Press. 50 keepsake copies were distributed at the event and are printed on Fox River paper. 100 standard copies are printed on Rives BFK paper and 25 deluxe copies are printed on handmade paper produced at Cave Paper in Minneapolis. The type is set in Aldus Roman & Small Capitals. The initial quotation was reproduced from original hand lettering.

A fine press printing of an Oscar Wilde essay on a Cobden-Sanderson lecture in 1888. Used by permission of Merlin Holland, the grandson of Oscar Wilde, and produced by the Ampersand Club of the Twin Cities to commemorate the inaugural meeting of the Oscar Wilde Society of North America.

The inaugural events took place on Saint Patrick's Day, Saturday 16 March 2002 in Saint Paul, Minnesota. This day being the 120th anniversary of Oscar Wilde's "lovely and memorable" visit to the Twin Cities.
$75 (Last two copies)


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