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Deep Wood Press: "Chad Pastotnik, founder of Deep Wood Press began this life's work as a printmaker focusing on the intaglio process's of engraving and mezzotint and the relief processes of wood engraving and linoleum cuts."

Artist books by Chad Pastotnik  
By Rudyard Kipling
[Mancelona, Michigan]: Deep Wood Press, [2013]. Edition of 55.

10 x 16" single sheet. Broadside letterpress printed on Domestic Etching paper. Text set in 18pt ATF Garamond with the title in Americana. Printed in two colors. Signed and numbered by the printer.

Chad Pastotnik: "I was hoping to do the text in Baskerville to keep it all UK-centric but, alas, when hand setting type one is constrained to the amount of sorts in the case. Even with the Garamond I was short four o's and had to run the last four lines as a separate press run.

"The image is a old wood engraving of mine that first appeared in a small edition (50) of poems by Terry Wooten back in 1997 called Hermaion. With a few more cuts to the block I think it makes an admirable companion to If.

"If you’re British or an Anglophile you know all about this poem of course. It’s been voted Britain’s favorite poem uncountable times by various survey entities and carries significant meaning beyond the aforementioned immutable British stereotype. I’ll let you do your own googling for info on Dr. Leander Starr Jameson and the Boers War. Kipling wrote this for his own son, who died in WWI only a few years after the poem was published in Rewards and Fairies in 1909, a shock Kipling never fully recovered from."

If you can meet with Triumph and Disaster
        And treat those two impostors just the same:

*Note from Vamp & Tramp: In the third verse fourth line on the broadside 'adout' should be 'about'. This was our take on typos (from our 2012 Abecedary): Typos As much as control seems like a worthy goal and a likely source of contentment, in our world mistakes, the typos of life, abound. Several strategies seem possible: accept nothing but perfection and live with high blood pressure and/or blood alcohol content; accept your limitations: "The heart, to be sure, always has something to say about what is to come, to him who heeds it. But what does the heart know? Only a little of what has already happened" (Alessandro Manzoni); or adopt the following attitude (supplied by Rollin Milroy, Heavenly Monkey Press): "The Allen Press did a polyglot Bible leaf book c. 1966, and the colophon credits a Chinese proverb – 'typos intentionally left in so that people who find them may feel superior.'" The multiple choice test strategy works in this case: when in doubt the third possibility (C) is the best choice.

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The Trout in Winter
By Jerry Dennis
[Mancelona, Michigan]: Deep Wood Press, 2012. Edition of 65.

22 x 15.25" single sheet with intaglio print 7.5 x 12". Broadside printed on handmade Somerset Textured off-white paper. Baskerville Roman 24 pt. and Italic fonts. Numbered. Signed by artist, printer, and writer.

Deep Wood Press: 'Words – the only poem Jerry Dennis claims to have ever written (well, published anyway). Intaglio – Glenn Wolff’s deft hand with graver and copper plate. Typography and design by Chad Pastotnik."

Jerry Dennis: "This broadside, The Trout in Winter, is actually a second edition, with some significant changes. The first edition, published in a signed and numbered edition of 60 in December 2000, sold out soon after it was released and has grown steadily in value ever since. Glenn's magnificent image of a brown trout against a cosmic river bottom is the same engraving on the same copper plate but with the addition of an exquisite stonefly nymph in the lower right corner. Chad made some interesting changes as well. He re-inked caps with gold ink, tightened up the line and letter spacing, and made a few other tweaks to produce an even lovelier presentation of my words. We've kept the words as they appeared in the first edition, including the emergency edit that changed the text slightly from the way I originally drafted it. As we were setting type we realized that Chad was running short of lowercase e's, creating an interesting dilemma. We could have reset the type in a different font but we had fallen in love with the Baskerville 24 pt Chad had selected. So instead we reset some of the words and lines in italic, creating visual interest and variations in tone and emphasis that I now consider essential to the meaning of the text. To save a few additional e's I also edited the poem slightly. I'll never forget the three of us cheering spontaneously when we saved two e's by changing the last word from 'leave' to 'go.'"

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The Mad Angler's Manifesto
By Michael Delp
[Mancelona, Michigan]: Deep Wood Press, [n.d.]. Edition of 50.

18 5/8 x 26" single sheet. Broadside printed on Somerset Book 175gsm cotton paper. Composed in 24pt Lydian with Americana display type in 144pt with an 8 line Americana piece of wood type for the drop cap. Letterpress printed on a Vandercook 219 OS. Seven color linoleum reduction print by Chad Pastotnik. Signed and numbered by the author and artist.

Chad Pastotnik: "I first heard rumors of Michael Delp's series of Mad Angler poems a couple years ago and was intrigued. Once I coerced him to send me some of them I knew I had something here with the Manifesto poem. In some of my past events at Interlochen I've had the pleasure of hearing him speak and recite his work as well and was always entertained – further charmed with the stories of the Mad Angler on the stream. So here is our combined effort for your viewing pleasure, I sincerely hope it finds its way to your fishing shack wall.

"Michael Delp is a writer of poetry, fiction, and nonfiction whose works have appeared in numerous national publications. He is the author of
Over the Graves of Horses (Wayne State University Press, 1989), Under the Influence of Water (Wayne State University Press, 1992), The Coast of Nowhere (Wayne State University Press, 1997), and The Last Good Water (Wayne State University Press, 2003), in addition to six chapbooks of poetry. He taught creative writing at the Interlochen Arts Academy and received several awards during his time teaching there."

I speak with the voice of water,
rivulet, brook, stream and creek,
for the whitewater in lost gorges,
boiling cataracts, every place
where the souls of wild fish gather
to remind us of the power of hydrology.


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