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Porch Swing
By Allison Swan
Berkeley, California: Bloodroot Press, 1997. Edition of 30.

7 x 16" single sheet. Broadside. Printed letterpress from handset Garamond and Goudy type. Poem by Alison Swan. Photograph and twig ornament by Jean Buescher Bartlett. Signed by the poet.

Alison Swan is an award-winning environmentalist whose work Fresh Water won a 2007 Michigan Notable Book award. Her writing has appeared in Peninsula, Essays and Memoirs from Michigan (MSU Press), plus many literary journals and environmental publications, including The Bellingham Review, the Red Cedar Review, and the Detroit Metro Times.

Jean Buescher Bartlett: "Seeking subject matter for photographs, I often work in a very small area and shoot from various angles. This porch in North Carolina is about 6' x 15' and is punctuated by a porch swing on the east side. (A forked twig in a pool of light on the floorboards just happened to be in the right spot for the composition.) The play of light was visually intriguing as it dramatically defined surfaces and volumes.

"When I first approached Alison Swan to write an accompanying poem for the photograph, she hesitated, saying . . . she felt a little uneasy working from an image. Then she asked me to tell her more about the larger environment where the photograph was taken and why I felt drawn to it. Alison shares my strong sense of place and tug towards the natural world, and this companion poem emerged."

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By Jean Buescher Bartlett
Ann Arbor, Michigan: Bloodroot Press, 1998. Edition of 25.

4 x 12" broadside with a selenium-toned silver print. Printed letterpress from handset Garamond and Goudy type.

Poem and selenium-toned photograph by Jean Buescher Bartlett of the Orto Botanico Giardinodei Semplici in Florence, Italy.

Jean Bartlett: "Finding an intimate space to photograph in bustling Florence was difficult and elusive. But I kept passing a formal, modest-sized building with inviting, but gated grounds that always appeared to be locked. I wondered if it was some kind of institute. One day while I was slowly walking by, someone rang the front bell and was admitted. And then I noticed other people on the other side of the gate clustered within the grounds, as well as greenhouse. Finally I got up the nerve to ring the doorbell, and I was told that the house and surrounding Orto Botanico Giardinodei Semplici were open to the public. At every opportunity during the rest of my month-long stay in Florence, I photographed this setting with my Kodak Retina IA 35mm Range Finder camera.

The custodian rode his bike to work and the bicycle was always leaning along the same expanse of greenhouse wall. He looked like the artist Brancusi, and I imagined that it was he who so deliberately arranged the collection of large, patinaed clay pots, inverting some as bases for others. Observing this man's habits, I saw him as a caretaker in the truest sense of the word. "


Someone Else's Children
By Jean Bartlett
Ann Arbor, Michigan: Bloodroot Press, 1990. Edition of 20.

9 x 11.5" broadside. Hand set in Goudy Modern type. Printed in three colors at the Yolla Bolly Press in California. Printed on Indian Straw paper.

Jean Bartlett: "This poem is about my two oldest nieces, who are mentioned in the dedication. I chose to combine this poem about the behavior of children with a specimen sheet and its typical alphabet border because they are both elemental in nature. The Indian straw paper was selected for its somewhat playful quality due to the inclusions."
$125 (Last two copies)


The Houses on Parley Vale
By Jean Buescher
Ann Arbor, Michigan: Parley Vale Press, 1989.
Two editions of 4.

9.5 x 18"; single sheet. Printed letterpress on Mohawk Superfine paper.

Poem and original pencil and ink drawing by Jean Buescher Bartlett. Each individual illustration is an original drawing, so the prints can vary somewhat.

The Houses on Parley Vale was printed in two editions of four. One has the poem and drawings on a muted blue-gray background while the other version is printed without the background.

The houses on Parley Vale are stand-offish;
the street has no shoulders.
The yards sport a profundity of flowering trees and shrubs;
their smells invite every human nose and dog's hindquarters to come closer. ...


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Bloodroot Press Out of Print Title:  

A Fish's Open Mouth
By Jean Bartlett
Ann Arbor, Michigan: Bloodroot Press, 1989. Edition of 14.

7 x 16" broadside. Poem and photograph of handmade paper fish by Jean Bartlett. Printed letterpress on Rives paper in three colors from handset Dante Roman and Bodoni Monotype.

Jean Bartlett: "This poem is a quiet meditation on the edges or openings of several freely associated circular forms. It uses the idea of entry as a metaphor for possibility."



Truitt's Wings
By Jeanie Thompson
University of Alabama: Bloodroot Press, 1989.

16.25 x 12.9" broadside. Letterpress printing and casein underpainting by Jean Buescher Bartlett.

The second in a series of interdisciplinary collaborations produced at The Institute for the Book Arts at The University of Alabama in February of 1989.

Jean Bartlett: "This poem by southern writer Jeanie Thompson is a bittersweet requiem on the fragility of existence. Written in two stanzas, it sets up a duality between life and death, and infers bilateral symmetry in its mention of hands and wings.

When designing the broadside, it seemed natural to place the stanzas side by side over the wing-like imagery evoked by the large white brushstroke underpainting."


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