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Caren Heft: “As a letterpress printer, I am interested in type, paper, book forms, and text, not necessarily in that order. Type is increasingly difficult to obtain. I have a fair amount of type, but only a few fonts that I like to use for text. Type is idiosyncratic, usually somewhat worn or damaged (especially the wooden type) and beautiful for all of that.”
Artist books by Caren Heft  
Roll With Me Henry
By Caren Heft
Racine, Wisconsin: Arcadian Press, 2013. Edition of 15.

12 x 18" single sheet. 12 x 18" single sheet. Letterpress and intaglio printed broadside enhanced with addition of sewn-on beads. Signed by artist.

Originally this was an experimental plate made for Heft's book The Cold Earth but never used. The artist has added beads around the woman's head to form a halo.

While The Cold Earth focused on women's tattooed breasts this broadside is a full back view from head to heel of a tattooed woman.

Caren Heft: "I am really interested in women and the choices they have been allowed and not allowed, how they have chosen to use their bodies."

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they were mean as snakes
By Caren Heft
Racine, Wisconsin: Arcadian Press, 2013. Edition of 15.

11.5 x 18" single sheet. Broadside letterpress printed on two different substrates: Root River Mill abaca by the artist and River Run Paper produced by the University of Wisconsin Stevens Point papermill for the art department. Intaglio print with a lino cut snake. Beading added. Signed by the artist.

Broadsides produced by Caren Heft in an invitational monoprint workshop at University of Wisconsin - Stevens Point in the summer of 2013.

The image is from a photograph of Heft's mother with her siblings.

"My mother's siblings were mean as snakes. … I remember my mother coming home from all of her family gatherings weeping and my father saying, 'I told you not to go.'"

River Run Paper version
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Root River Mill abaca version
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